Herbs A-Z

The Alphabet in Herbs

The herbs in the posts below are ones that I am interested in and will be attempting to grow this year. I am putting them in alphabetical order from A-Z to make it easier on my readers and myself. Some of these herbs are ones that I am familiar with and have grown in the past while others are new to me and I am sharing my discovery of them with you. I hope you'll enjoy my little learning adventure as much as I am.  It is also my hope to get to Z before the end of 2010 - but we'll see...

Herbs - A is for Agrimony

Herbs - B is for Bee Balm or Bergamot

Herbs - C is for Catnip

Herbs - D is for Dandelion

Herbs - E is for Elecampane

Herbs - F is for Feverfew

Herbs - G is for Ginger