Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally Friday

Friday, Friday, it's Finally Friday...

It's been a long, annoying week. With the worries about Mom, the hurry up and pack your #(%* and move out, and everything else; the weekend just couldn't get here fast enough for me!

I did take Mom to the doctor yesterday and he put her on Lasix as she has been accumulating fluid around her lung again. He seemed pretty optimistic that it will relieve the pressure she's been feeling and help ease her breathing. We're very fortunate to have doctors on Mom's team that are on the ball and very caring. They are also being encouraging and optimistic instead of all doom and gloom like some I've been around in the past. It helps that they seem to have a sense of humor since Mom is such a great, upbeat person and jokes around with them alot.

Anyway, besides the "bleh" week itself, I've been looking forward to the weekend because I get to go to a really interesting class on Saturday. It is a Natural Botanical Perfumery workshop being held at the Intermountain Nursery up in the foothills of Prather, CA. It's being taught by Justine Crane of The Scented Djinn. I'm really excited because when I first found out about this class several months ago, I didn't think I'd get to go. But, I called them last week and found out there was still a couple of spaces left in the class. Hubby said "Just Do It!" so I signed up. I'm really looking forward to creating my own scent and learning about the different notes and fragrances. Whoo hoo, a ME day that combines learning and fun surrounded by plants! And to boot, the weather is supposed to be a bit cooler - only 95 degrees. This time of year ANYTHING below triple digits is "cooler".

Have a wonderful weekend all - I will tell you all about my new-found knowledge next week!


  1. Have a wonderful time at the class; I am SO envious! Expecting to hear you've had fabulous "me" time, learned a lot and enjoyed the day!
    Praying for you and yours...

  2. Hope you have a wonderful class Jules and forget about your problems! Aromatherapy will help you! Take care.


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