Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pippi's Opinion

Pippi, aka Peepers, Rodent, Rat Dog, *&#@(&^, etc. recently shared her opinion of Mr. MoonCat while occupying the couch with him.  I told him that it is unclear if she was commenting on his breath or his attempt at whistling.  Could be a combination of both...

What ARE you doing Daddy?

Ewwww, what IS that?

Make it STOP!!!

Just a note, Mr. MoonCat CAN NOT whistle.  It is a major cause for amusement around here.  I have to call/whistle for the dogs (or he has to yell for them) because when he tries to whistle, the dogs all just look at him with their heads cocked to the side as if asking "Why is the air escaping from Daddy's face while he turns blue?  Why doesn't he just have Mom whistle for us?"


  1. OMG, Jules! Too funny for words! We will have to have a lesson from Mr. Whistle, The Herbal Husband. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him by his whistle! But Pippi's reaction, Priceless!

  2. LOL!! :D

    i can't whistle either. I could before I had my tongue pierced, but now I can't :/

  3. O My Stars, JULES! that was frieakin' hysterical I actually cracked up laughing out loud when I got to the picture of the paw on the mouth!!!

    SOOOO funny :)Thanks for the early morning laugh!


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