Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last day for giveaway!

This has been amazing! I have been having such a blast meeting so many wonderful people and fantastic artists/creators. The sheer amount of talent that is involved in this event is HUGE. While I really didn't plan on visiting every blogger involved, I DID. I have spent so much time this last week checking out the amazing sites that my hubby started threatening to limit my online time! It's been addictive though. Some of these talented bloggers have so much to share that you just don't want to leave their sites. I have earmarked several (dozen) to go back to when the hubby isn't peering over the shoulder. Especially since I have found several lovely, lovely items that I must purchase for myself and gifts of course..

I've also been thrilled by how many wonderful people have stopped by my little fledgling blog! It has been so nice to see the kind and encouraging comments from some of you amazing peeps. I'm really getting organized now so that I can start blogging on a regular basis, about my farming & herb endeavors. I'm hoping that I will even have photos soon.. The camera seems to be working, but it's iffy. Maybe a great excuse to have to buy another?

Ok, so here's the plan: My drawing will officially close at midnight tonight (Pacific time). Tomorrow I will post the two winners and email them, this won't occur early as I have to work :( but I will have the names up by 5pm. The winners will then have 48 hours to contact me with their mailing info. I will package up their goodies and send them winging away to their new homes. Hopefully all will be happy and I will have kicked my blogging career off in a great, big way! (I'm also hoping people will come back to see me!)

Ciao for now! Until tomorrow at least.


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