Monday, May 25, 2009

Critter Corner - Cailen

I've been remiss in my blog writing as well as introducing the critters that inhabit our world. Today I would like to introduce Cailen (pronounced Kuh-lin). He has many aliases though: Bubba, Pointy Eared Pest and Dingo Dog are some of the more often used. He's a pretty pooch that we love very much.

Cailen was Michael's dog before we met. He was just turning a year old when we got together and I think it hurt Michael's feelings that Bubba took to me right away and was minding me better than he was Michael. I've just had a lot more experience with working dogs than he had so it was easier to try to channel Cailen's natural herding abilities. I'm thinking my mastery of the "mean Mommy voice" also had a lot to do with it.

He's a very smart dog who is extremely quick and very play driven. I feel really bad that he is going to waste as a cow dog since we don't really have a herd to work him on at this point. We try to keep him entertained and from getting too bored by playing lots of games with him.

It really helps that he and Chandler absolutely love each other. They play constantly. It is funny to see a hound trying to be as athletic as Cailen. If Chandler didn't have Cailen to keep him moving, he'd be lounging on the couch eating bonbons. He could easily turn into a slug. Chandler has tried to teach Cailen the art of baying so they can be a really noisy pair at times.

This series shows them :
1) sitting like goods boys,
2) Cailen slamming on the brakes just before Chandler T-bones him at full speed, and
3) the aftermath of the crash (with Cailen having never let go of his toy).

These are our boys!

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  1. Aww this made me giggle, especially those last pics! Cutie pie dogs :)


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