Monday, April 20, 2009

Critter Corner - Porkchop

I can't believe it is 95 degrees today! We got a brief little dose of Spring for a couple of very short weeks & now we are in the nineties! I'm not ready for the heat. I still have winter clothes and space heaters out and about. I had to run out early this morning and make sure my little herblings and veggies had a drink before the temperature soared. Just 5 days ago, there was frost on my windshield when I left for work.

I had promised an introduction to my little punky Porkchop and am finally getting around to it (mostly because I'm sitting in the cool living room this afternoon waiting for the sun to go down before going back outside to the garden..also because he is sitting on my lap at the moment, helping me with the laptop.)

Porkchop (aka Punkers, Punkydoodles, Porklet, etc.) is my 3-legged, blind in 1 eye baby. My vet calls him my little trauma kitty because he also has flea allergy dermatitis and a penchant for fighting with another of my cats, Badger (when he isn't snuggling with him).

At the same time, he is the biggest baby and gets very upset when he can't wallow around in my lap and drool. He is such a charmer, he greets me at the door when I come in, usually with one of his toys. He loves several of the toys that I have made him, especially those with our catnip. It drives him nuts!! It's like kitty crack. I have plans to put these kitty toys and our catnip on our site for sale in the very near future. Porkchop wants to share his favorites with the feline world.

Punkers is a cuddler and sleeps on top of me (or even the hubby at times) every night. Which brings to mind his latest nickname - Chunkapunk. When we had him neutered his weight tripled (at least). It's funny, because he is the most active & spastic cat we have. He gets to cruising up and down the tiled hallway at full speed in his little, lopsided galloping gait! His only clue that he isn't the same as the other furfaces is the fact that he can't leap to the top of the kitty tree in a single bound! Hubby made him a custom one so he can reach the top and rule from his perch near the ceiling anyway. And even though he is one of the smallest (except in poundage) of the critters in our home, Punky definitely rules!

Please spay and neuter your pets. I support the NSAL and their many programs to help end the pet overpopulation problem. Please click here for more information. SPAY-USA - a program of the North Shore Animal League


  1. He's AAAdorable! I'm still in need of kittens but Miss Kitty is SO enjoying being Queen Bee. She's the one with cancer and I hate to bring in kittens because they will take time from Miss Kitty.
    I do SO want kittens though!

  2. Porkchop says thank you for the compliment! I think Punkers would enjoy being an only child at times, but for the most part he is very social. He mauls the dogs all of the time as well. Send our love & good thoughts to Miss Kitty.


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