Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea, I must have Tea....

Planting and life in the garden has been keeping myself and the hubby really busy these last few weeks. Spring has sprung around here & we're outside until dark or after just about every night. I am almost ready to launch our etsy store and start offering several of our herb-based products on our website. It is amazing the amount of time involved trying to get a website up and running that is actually easy to use and get around. Details, details....

Most evenings I enjoy a cup of tea to help unwind & decide on the next day's TO-DO list. I LOVE tea and I really like to experiment and try different blends. I was so surprised and thrilled to have my name drawn as a winner of a Tea Sampler from Sarah at Herbs from the Labyrinth. My prize included 15 of her different hand-blended teas that have such awesome names as Moontime Tea, Lover's Tea, Spring in My Step, FemininiTea, Dandy Lion Tea, Hush-A-Bye, Strong As Nails, SereniTea, SmarTea, DigestiviTea, Nursing Mother Tea, Endo-Liver Tea, Love Your Liver Tea, and Mid-Summer Tea. I'm finding that so far my favorite is the Lover's Tea - YUM.. (photo below is from her website)

If you haven't heard about this fun & very knowledgeable group of herbal enthusiasts/entrepreneurs, you must check out their weekly contest that is running through May. Each week, each of the 10 blogs holds a drawing for a wonderful item made by one of the other participants. I believe this week's prize is being offered by Aquarian Bath. Go check it out and have fun exploring some really neat blogs & websites. You may get lucky like I did & have a wonderful new product to try and enjoy.

Herbs from the Labyrinth
Patti’s Potions
PrairieLand Herbs
Aquarian Bath
The Rosemary House
Natures Gift
Torchsong Studio
The Essential Herbal
Garden Chick
SunRose Aromatics

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  1. O Goody! I'm so glad you won, enjoy the lovely teas and thanks for the links...must check them out.
    Whew...spring is a time for sunup to sundown Work, relax as you drink your teas and always, thanks for visiting me at TCF. I love coming over've such a soothing blog!


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