Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MY Moon Shot and OUR Logo

I am so thrilled to have finally taken my photo of a full moon that I'm proud of!  It took me several years to get it..  For your info (and possible future use) here's how I accomplished it:

Camera:  Nikon D100
Lens:  Tamron 70-300mm
F-Stop:  5.6
Shutter:  1/4000
ISO:  1600
Focal Length:  450mm (equivalent for 35mm)
White Balance:  DIRECT SUNLIGHT (+2)

I went out about 8:30pm that night which was fortunate because by 10:30pm the clouds had completely obscured the moon.  I set my camera up on a heavy tripod (heavy is important because my camera and the long lens are very weighty).  I played around with it and took several pictures before I finally got the settings right. 

I have tried many, many times to get a good moon shot since I got serious about photography.  Success had eluded me until now.  The key for this one was getting the white balance set just right.  It eventually dawned on me that the light bouncing off the moon is SUNLIGHT so it made sense to try that setting.  Voila!  A pretty moon picture with contrast and detail taken by little old me! Finally..


So what do you think?  I'm playing around with our logo a bit....

We have been receiving many compliments and questions about our logo and our name.  For those of you who are newer to our little corner of the world, my hubby/Mr. MoonCat drew this for me when I first came up with the name for our collaborative endeavor.  The name comes from several things: 

  • Hubby and I have a real affinity for the full moon with many of our important moments as a couple taking place under it

  • When we first decided to start our business, we had 5 cats - 4 more have found the invisible vacancy sign that flashes over our home since then

  • We went with "Farms" due to the fact that I am an herb farmer (NOT a cat farmer as some might think), on a small scale now-with the plans to continually grow (pun intended)
He took all of those elements, the need for it to reproduce clearly, the ability to use it as a watermark, and the simple fact that I wanted a heart somewhere in the logo and came up with this great drawing which is now representative of MoonCat Farms and all we do.  I am very proud of him and his creation. 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! And it looks just wonderful with your logo. Genius, girl!

  2. yeah! i like that a lot. Nice work! =D LOL i tried to take a pic of the moon too w/ just my regular now i understand ;-)

  3. Thats an amazing photo and looks great with your logo !

  4. Perfect!
    We found our new home (1st house) on a full moon, the owners name was Verewolf, he didn't call us back for 3 days! When he got back to us he was really nice.

  5. I love, love, love the second one. So beautiful!



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