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The Tao of Mia and Leo Book Review & Giveaway

The Tao of Mia and Leo


I received this for review back at the end of December.  With everything going on with Mom, I have just recently been able to sit down (with a couple cups of tea of course) and read it uninterrupted.  It is such a delightful read that I wanted to be able to enjoy it and immerse myself in the message of the book.

The The Tao of Mia and Leo follows the author and the escapades of her cats beginning with her beloved Samantha and then the mischievious title characters.  Jeffra Nicholson writes about living in and finally leaving the corporate world to pursue her dream of writing and shares how it impacted her and the cats.  She takes us with her through the life changes and what she learned about herself and her fuzzy housemates. 

This lovely true story is written by a dedicated cat lover who is able to convey a valuable life lesson to those of us with cats or those without.  I found it to be a very insightful look at both human and feline behavior; showing how interchangeable and instructional it can be at the same time.  Jeffra offers many comparisons regarding Leo and Mia's personalities and the similarities with people. She puts a spotlight on instances where a person could benefit by taking a page (sorry about the pun) out of the cats' book and mimicking how a cat responds to situations. 

One of my favorite examples is when she talks about buying all of the most expensive toys for her cats only to watch them play with a rolled up piece of tinfoil. She noted that people needed to be able to find joy in the simpler things .  I relayed this anecdote to my family members and compared it to buying a big fancy toy (like a jetski), using it 2 or 3 times, and then leaving it sitting in the garage.  Then finding out that something as simple as playing a card game of gin-rummy at the kitchen table brought us just as much joy if not more, than the $7500 water toy that is now gathering dust.  I keep telling them that we each need to find our ball of tinfoil.

Another selection I really related to (especially with some of my cats) is when Jeffra was moving to a new city and was terrified about the change in her life.  Leo's behavior at the airport completely mirrored and conveyed what Jeffra was really feeling, but holding in.  Thank goodness Jeffra's very intuitive mother pointed this out to her after the incident.  I can really understand this on a personal level since I've become aware that when I am especially upset or worried about something and trying to block it out, I will have one or more of the cats plastered to my side.  They are very attuned to our emotions even when we're not.

This is a very easy read as it is not a really long book (around 100 pages).  It has a very positive message that is effectively presented.   I felt connected with the author when I was finished with this book as I also used to be overly wrapped up in my career and didn't spend near enough time with loved ones.  Since leaving that hectic life, I am enjoying my family, friends, and furry ones so much more.  The Tao of Mia and Leo reinforces the positive message that simplifying your life can enrich it immensely and in unexpected ways.

You definitely do not have to be a cat lover to really enjoy this book.  It is very well written and would make a lovely gift for anyone on your list, especially someone in need of a boost in their outlook.  I have a couple of people in mind who I would like to get this wonderful book for.  I know I will be reading my copy again!

The publisher has generously offered a copy of The Tao of Mia and Leo for one lucky MoonCat Farms Meanderings reader.  Sorry to my international friends, but this is only open to US RESIDENTS. 

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To purchase a copy of this lovely and very reasonably priced book, go to the link below:
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review. The publisher is providing a copy of the book for the giveaway winner.


  1. Sounds like a great book. We have three inside cats: Sidd (the alpha male) Shel and Puddin. It looks like we now have an outside cat since she's (we are calling her Callie, even though she won't let us get near her) sleeping in the old cat house and eating the food we put out. I'd love to win this book. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jules - sounds like a delightful book. I have three house cats, all rescues and then about a dozen barn cats in various stages of being gentled so I can get them vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

  3. IK would LOVE to read this book, after being a CAT lady for many years...always rescues. my baby (17.5yo) was put down last December...Boots(ie) talking about them being keen to our feelings etc...when I was bedridden and so ill with MRSA in the summer of 2005 (still sick with it into Autumn but getting better and no longer bed ridden)Bootsie ONLY left my bed to eat and use the litter box.

    Later when I had the infected bones removed, and was going thru Therapy and learning that I would lose the ability to work etc, I became depressed and anxious...before I finally got on anti-depressants, I would often be weepy. She would come and "console" me...moreso than my family members. She was a very special cat...a black calico (the vet says tortoise shell)

    a month after we had no choice but to put her down (kidney failure and now blind) a stray showed up in our yard, it was winter, I felt bad and put food out, the cat became less and less afraid of me, and eventually I figured she was a female, she was a black calico!! she adopted me. I felt it was FATE (or God's handy work) so "Pretty"
    is now my new baby, she is not a Bootsie replacement, as there are definitely differences in behavior, but she is my constant companion, and if my daughter or hubby start an argument with me, she comes and jumps on my lap and stares at them, almost like she is trying to protect me.

    I have always known that cats are special, but this book sounds like something I need to read, as I am also going thru a major change from being a full time worker and productive member of society to a disabled person (and feeling like I have no purpose etc)

    I am a follower, I do get the meanderings.
    I just became a fan of the book on FB...and I am going to add your giveaway to my giveaway post from 2 days ago.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Here's the link to the post where your giveaway is listed:

    thanks, Susan

  5. I have 2 cats and this sounds like a good book to read
    smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. Jules...thanks for the review on this book. Sounds delightful. Of course, I do love cats and stories dealing with cats. This book also sounds like a great book to buy for gifts. Purrfect!


  7. The book sounds interesting. I don't have any cats now that I live in town. When we lived on a farm we had them.

  8. I am a follower of your glorious blog, thanks to the magick carpet ride ;-)

  9. I have but 1 cat, however, she is magnificent.

  10. Right now, I'm currently cat-less. Although we hope to get a Ragdoll kitten when my friend breeds hers. :)

    My last kitty, Peanut, died in 2008.

  11. Well I think that I failed to post in time ~ the story of my life ~ blame it on the three bad kitties here who are plotting the demise of the dog right now :o)
    Nancy and a nervous Scottie Dug


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