Monday, April 19, 2010

Rescued Plants Breathe a Sigh of Relief

This is a photo-intensive post.  Lots of plant pictures also at the bottom of the post.

We have had one busy week leading into the weekend at MoonCat Farms. A large, local nursery went out of business a bit ago. Apparently they were still seeding and planting while the court battle was being played out. When the water was shut off, the plants were just left to die.

A friend of ours contacted us and let us know that we were welcome to come in and see if we could use any of the plants or supplies that were basically abandoned on the 30+ acre nursery.

The photos are just some of what we've managed to salvage. There are thousands more dead and dying plants just left out there in the hot sun. I was almost in tears at the horrible waste. There are so many charities that could have benefited and so many senior centers and other public facilities that could have made use of the greenery.  Not to mention that I have a thing for plants and it just hurt to see all the plants gasping for water. 

But, that's a done deal and we have a lot of watering, re-potting and sorting to do.  Identification is one of the largest tasks as NOTHING was labeled.  I recognize many of them, but there are some mystery plants that I will probably be asking for help from all of you with. 

Some may laugh at me, but after spending over two hours that first night soaking each and every pathetic little plant and tree, I really do swear that they heaved a collective sigh of relief and thanks when I was finished.  I just sat outside on the bench amongst them all for a bit keeping them company while it got dark. 
I'm a sap, what can I say.. 


Sorry for the photos getting all cattywhompous(sp?), but I couldn't get them to behave & line up!


  1. Oh Julie - I'd have cried too! I hate waste like that - especially when it comes to plants/trees!

    Yay to you for rescuing as many as you could. I'm sure they will find a very happy home at your place. Can't wait to see pics of them as they grow!

  2. Of course you felt like this! Any person with a connection to the earth would feel this way. At least you rescued a few, and you are right, what a terrible waste!

  3. That is so nice to see you rescuing those plants! I bet they were happy to come home with you.

  4. your blocks above should have a "sad" one...I am not as sappy as you are over plants...but I do agree that this is a horrid waste, is there a horticulture club in your county or garden clubs etc...they should be notified, they may all want to help, and at the very least could most likely help you identify what you have.
    Best of luck with this labor of love!

  5. At least you where able to save some of them. I have been know to "dumpster dive" at our local Bunnings (Chain Nursery) As they throw out the not so pretty & in need of TLC plants. It awful to see all though plants going to waste. Maybe you could go back and save the plants, then do some Gurilla Gardening? (Just a thought)

  6. Good for you, Julie. It's a shame that litigation has to be involved in saving of plants and the ecosystem. I have a friend down east who is phoned every time something at a nursery goes on their "compost" pile! She has gotten some real treasures that way. Good luck getting them planted!

  7. Thank you ladies! You're all making me feel better about being "sappy". I've managed to find homes for several of my rescues and have directed several other people to the nursery to see what they can try to save as well.

    It's going to be an interesting growing season around here... Thanks for all of your support, my friends - I knew you'd get it!

  8. It bothers me too when people abuse a plant. I'm so happy that you've rescued these plants and I hope it launches MoonCat Farms into an expanded and successful nursery business!



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