Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do YOU Have a Wedgie?

Are YOU looking at ME?
Look what the stork dropped off at the ranch Saturday!  This leggy little bundle of joy (plus piss & vinegar!)  He's quite the cutie with an attitude to boot. 

As usual, a rather contrary mare decided that it would be great to have the baby while no one was anywhere around.  Dad had called me early that morning saying he thought she might foal at any time.  He had plans out of town that he couldn't get out of and since I was headed to my soap class, baby watch fell to Mr. MoonCat.   Wedgie is the mare's first foal, so we were concerned that she might have difficulty.  We're very grateful that she proved us all very wrong. 
About 4 hours old.
Mr. MoonCat, my brother-in-law, and our nephew checked on the horses shortly after Dad had left the ranch.  He was so excited when he called me! It was a real treat for him to be the one to discover the little rascal, especially since Dad hadn't been gone very long.  The mare has turned out to be an excellent mama.  (I call her "CB" because the men all call her "Crazy B***h" as she can be pretty nasty at times.  I personally think it's because she just doesn't like the menfolk, just my own opinion of course!) 

CB living up to her name
The photo above may look like she's being nasty to me, but you can't see from this angle that there is a gelding hanging his head over the back fence of the pen.  She hates this particular horse and was spinning around to snap at him.  She's very protective of the little Wedge!

My mama loves me
For those of you wondering, "Wedgie" is definitely not his registered name.  His mother's facial markings are called "piebald".  When the hubby called me to tell me about the colt, he kept saying that he was a half-piebald.  There's no such thing that I've ever heard of, so I couldn't quite picture what he was telling me.  When I finally got to the ranch, I told the guys that the little dude was cheated.  He didn't get a whole pie, he just got a wedge!  So that coupled with the fact that this is going to be one TALL horse who will give people wedgies - or at least split their drawers; has caused the name Wedgie to stick. 

All of our horses have nicknames that many times have nothing to do with their registered names.  Our stallion, Sunday Sailor answers me when I call him "Booger".  My mare, Cinderella Sox answers to "Blondie Bear".  So it's not often that you'll be able to figure out their papered name by what we're actually calling them.  Their registered names are usually based on their bloodlines.  To officially name Wedgie, we will probably come up with some combination/variation of the papered names of both the mare and the stallion. 

I'm thinking we might just run a little contest here on the blog to see who can come up with an appropriate and "proper" name for the little cutie.  What do you think???


  1. awww he is so cute :D looks almost like a skull on the one side

  2. The black ringing his eye really gives that impression doesn't it?

  3. Congratulations! I'm so happy all went well and your Mare and baby are fine. Maybe she'll become friendlier with little Wedgie around.

    Great post!


  4. I personally like Phantom (as in Phantom of the Opera). Very cute and feisty. A great combination!

  5. Thanks ladies. We decided we will hold a little contest that I'll post about in a couple of days. Love "Phantom", it really fits!

  6. Your baby horse is absolutely adorable!! I love his face :)

    Thanks for sharing the pics and explaining piebald!


  7. He really looks like a Phantom! I thought that the white half looked a bit skull-ish. Very cool! He's going to be super-handsome! Congrats on the new arrival.

  8. CONGRATS!! What a handsome fellow he is!

    I think photo #2 and Photo #4 (mama love) should be made into note cards, maybe take 2-4 other good shots, and make a set of 10-12 with envelopes!!


  9. BEAUTIFUL! Time for the new life to begin everywhere. I love the little face and that pie color......many congratulations to all at Moo Cat Farms!
    Nancy, Angus,and lil' Becky


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