Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I See Wednesday

I love Dahlias!
My Hydrangea's very forgiving of the abuse I heap upon it!
Porkchop and Celie playing with their new toy
Lovely Fuchsia
Cailen's very big stick


  1. Your dahlias are so pretty. Can't wait for mine to bloom. Love the kitties!

  2. Thanks Jennifers! :) Dahlias have become one of my favorites the last couple of years.

  3. Great the stick that the poochie has, brings back memories of my shepard...where did you find that awesome cat toy?? we have a new kitten, and our 1 yr old is still playful also.

  4. Susan, I found that cat toy on Amazon. It wasn't very expensive (under $20) and ALL of the cats are playing with it! I figured just the young ones would give it a go, but the older ones enjoy it too. (I'll add a link to it over in the box of tried & true finds from Amazon.)

  5. What a lovely cats you have!!
    Nice photos ^^

  6. ooh, dahlias and hydrangeas are two flowers I want to grow! maybe next summer... I was stopping by to tell you that you WON a surprise prize ( a fat quarter of fabric!) over at craftytammie! please contact me so I can get your mailing address! thanks!

  7. Tammie thanks so much! I've sent you an email with the info. Yay!

  8. hehe My cats love that toy too... too bad they keep knocking it apart, and losing the ball! have to go looking for it again :)


  9. Hi Sheila, I have become quite expert at putting it back together too! Porkchop has figured out how to put his paw under the "bridge" and pop it up so he can get the ball out. It ends up under the couch regularly.

    The things we do for our furbabies!


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