Monday, August 23, 2010

I Married the Chicken Whisperer

Sorry I've been off the grid for a bit.  I've been reading and reviewing up a storm over at One Book Shy as well as doing a lot of varied stuff around here.  Some of that includes watching the hubby's baby chooks grow up FAST!  (Notice they are now HIS - it's a love affair.)  The girls are doubling and tripling in size every week it seems.  Except for Midge, I think she is either a Banty/Bantam or just a runt.  Either way she is a tiny terror.  She beats up and bullies the bigger girls.  They all seem to tolerate the little tyrant.  She also has a thing for pecking at my toenails....

Midge (r) next to the "normal" sized girls
Now that the chickens have full use and access to the entire chicken run, it was getting a bit interesting trying to get them all into the coop at night.  It was a 2 person job until the middle of last week.  Something finally clicked and they all figured out that nighttime = bedtime!  We ~ usually HE ~ just have to go out now and close the little trap door & they're all snug in the coop until morning.  Yay!

These are some of the photos Mr. MoonCat, aka "The Chicken Whisperer" took for us yesterday evening.  Can you believe how much they've grown in a week? BTW, the hubby has HUGE hands so for reference, it takes me two hands to hold the hens that are posing for his photos..

Messy eaters
Henrietta Hen
Stella the "Chicken Whisperer's" favorite girl
Do I sound jealous?
ALWAYS eating..
Nap time


  1. awww sleeping chickens are so cute :D

  2. Chickens are so sweet and communicative!
    Is it just me or, is that your Rhode Island Red that's being bossy?

  3. Did you say Mr. MoonCat whispers in their ears (Do chickens have ears?) and they drop over (Oh, no I meant fall gently to sleep!) My writing is making me sleepy! They are very cute!

  4. we are all out of chickens (thanks to a neighbors dog and a fox Ron is also a chicken whisperer, and always says how they are better than kids, as they eat bugs, give us something without asking for it (eggs) and come in when it is dark, without being called! LOL

    are you sure your aggressive hen isn't a cockeral? They are adorable, I want more, I miss the eggs, and the crow of A rooster...we learned the hard way a long time ago you can't have more than one rooster unless you have like 30 or more hens.


  5. Hi Ladies, thanks so much for stopping in.

    The bossy/agressive little poop is Midge/midget. She's definitely a bantam Rhode Island Red hen, but I think she has the banty rooster mentality. She's pretty big for her britches! A real cutie though :) It's really interesting how the bigger gals all just put up with her little big chicken attitude. They tolerate her antics like most long-suffering sisters do.

    We're sure having fun with this group!


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