Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Sweet Award from a Lovely Lady

Thank you so much to Nydia for giving me this very nice blog award.  I really appreciate you thinking of me and including me in such a great group of bloggers.

OK, the rules:

1. Thank the one who sent it your way.   Love ya lots Nydia, thank you for the recognition!

2. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words.  (This is a tough one - you all know I have and use lots of words...)  How about:

Sharing, connecting, therapeutic, enjoyment, creativity?

3. Pass it on to 5 others who blogs who you feel have real substance.   This is the really hard one as I enjoy and get a lot from so many great bloggers.  Also, don't worry if you don't accept awards - I just want you to know that I think highly of you :)

In no particular order, my 5 nominees are:

Darlene at SewCalGal, you show us beauty in fabric and life

Birgit of Swapping Howdies, you brighten my day and the world around us

Nancy the Lemon Verbena Lady, you inspire and amaze me

Jen of Rue and Hyssop, you write from the heart and share it with us all

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm, you center us and bring us home

Thank you ladies for sharing of yourselves and making our world a better place!

**I have decided to start an awards page to show the goodies my fellow bloggers have shared with me.  You can click on the link or the tab at the top of the page to check them out.  It is still under construction, so bear with me :)


  1. Aww, you're a doll, Jules, love ya too! You're so welcome, and truly deserve this and all other awanrds! :o)

    I like your five words, and they could be added to mine!

    And thanks for sharing new bloggers for me to know.

    Kisses and love from us.

  2. Thanks Jules for the award and the kind words! Your blogging is so fun and thoughtful! It's a pleasure to get to know you and Mr. MoonCat and your animal kingdom, especially Phantom!

  3. congrats dear one... it is well deserved.

  4. Thanks so much Jules! I love hearing about life on MoonCat farm. It is very "theraputic" and "enjoyable!" And I like your new book review blog too!

  5. Jules, thank you and I'm still shaking my head over the nice things you said about me. Truly, I am touched and I mean that in a nice way and not in a crazy way although there are those who would beg to differ there's not much difference.

  6. I'm so glad you all stopped in. I meant what I said ladies!


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