Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What I See Wednesday

Your regularly scheduled "What I See Wednesday" has been pre-empted..or is it hijacked?  Instead of the garden and other photos you're eagerly awaiting - today you will see CHICKENS!!!

Stella - The Ringleader - Ms. Attitude
Midge (on right) & her Poultry Posse
HeartyGirl aka #19 aka Trauma Chicken
Thelma or Louise - The Spies
More of Stella's Minions
Stella - rallying the troops
from the TOP of the pen
Training on the gangplank
Sgt Stella shows them the correct way
The coop - Headquarters
Stella biting (pecking) the hand that feeds her - mine
Can you believe how much these little ones have grown in just under 2 weeks?  Except for Midge, they've pretty much doubled if not tripled in size.  Most of them are flying for short little bits, it's hard to keep them in their little pen anymore.  HeartyGirl has done quite well following her ordeal; she's still a bit smaller than some of the others, but she'll catch up. 

Stella is quite the comedienne and definitely rules the roost.  She'll fly right to either of us and land on our hands or arms.  Goofy bird likes to be petted and is one of the nosiest critters I've ever had.  She has a real thing for Mr. MoonCat ~ maybe that's why she's always trying to get my wedding ring?

In spite of Dad and everyone else making fun of us, we'll continue naming the little feathered fiends as we go.  We'll also keep you updated on their progress and our fall from sanity...


  1. Do keep us posted, Jules! Your babies are so sweet and look so fu to watch! And naming them is just natural and irresistible, lol!


  2. They really are lovely, congrats to Hearty Girl!

  3. They are so cute, I hope they will all do well.

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