Thursday, September 2, 2010

Humming Hummers and an Update

Sorry I've been so absent lately.  We've been pretty darn busy.  This week was a great one as my Ant (intentionally spelled-she's very short!) and my Unk came down to visit from Idaho.  We had a lovely time with them.  Their stay went too quick though.  It seems like the time just blows by during the summer months and I can't seem to get everything done that I'd like to.

Mom is doing ok, not great, but ok.  Last week we had a 112 degree day with dangerously unhealthy air.  It just knocked her for a loop and she's still just starting to recover a bit from those three or four really bad air/heat days.  We're a bit cooler now and soooo ready for the fall.

The garden had such a whacked out spring and summer.  We are just now getting the bulk of the tomatoes ripening.  We planted them in stages hoping to spread the harvest out a bit, but NOOOO they're all hitting at once.  I'm up to my eyebrows in tomaters!  Of course, we'll be loving it in the winter when we have those sun-dried tomatoes and the sauces..yum.

I decided to show you some of our busiest residents here at MoonCat Farms. ( I am working on getting better photos.)

We've rearranged the furniture on the front porch so we can sit out there in the evening. 

The bonus is getting to enjoy the activity at the new feeders we've hung for out little flying friends.  They're just now getting used to us.


  1. Hi Jules,I'm sorry to hear Mom had a rough go. Hopefully the Autumn will be good to her.I miss having a garden, but not all the work, it would be very hard for me to help in it. (Hubby always did most of the work anyway, but I would help plant and Harvest) I definitely miss making the the Spagetti sauce though it was soooo much work and was usually a 2-3 day process with the both of us working on it.It was fun and rewarding, and you are right about the joys of tasting it all winter long!!The ones I miss the most (canning wise) are: strawberry jam, Brandied Pears, Apple and Peach and Cherry pie filling (this we froze) and applesauce. I think we will be doing Apples this year...I hope :)

    I received the cards last week they are sooo much prettier in person, thanks so much :) You have a good eye and take great pics. The hubster LOVED the hawk on the wire fence one!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend :)

    Thanks again,

  2. Hope Mom is feeling better now - the temps should be cooling soon. So happy that September is here - I've been running like crazy too.

    Pretty little hummingbirds you have!

  3. Hey! LOOVe the hummingbirds - we don't have them in Australia! But it's a great tragedy here too when everything ripens at once!

    Happy travels!!


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