Thursday, September 9, 2010

Velociraptor Chickens

You know how scientists claim that our avian species are all descended from the dinosaurs?  I think I have proof that a few of my chickens can claim that ancestry...

I'm feeling a bit like prey here.......
Can YOU do the Chicky Chicky shake?
We're always watching......
Please note, only a tomato
was harmed in the making
of this photo..
Have a great evening my friends :)


  1. I hope the tomato did not suffer much.

    Very cute post!


  2. I'm a GFC follower

    I have only 3 dogs right now, but have had as many as 10...did pitbull rescue for a long time....

    All 3 of my boys are rescues...2 boxers and 1 pitbull ♥

    majik.of.mystee (at)


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