Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feeling the Love

I am so grateful for those lovely readers who have commented and emailed me regarding that last post/rant/scream.  You are wonderful!  It is amazing how much a simple "you're not alone in how you feel" or just plain "you're not alone" can mean to a person ~ to me.  Thank you all so much for being there.

I'm actually feeling a tad bit better and poor Mr. MoonCat is like a little kid about sparkly decorations, so we're going to get with the program and try to cheer it up around here.  He is of the opinion that I will feel even better if I have pretty things to look at.. (If you have seen Chevy Chase's movie "Christmas Vacation", you'll have an idea of what Mr. MoonCat's vision of decorating entails....Mine is closer to the Charlie Brown version.)

Of course, my agreement to go ahead and decorate has now spawned arguments about the tree.  He wants a GIANT tree

while I would prefer a smaller, more manageable tree. 

His theory is that we have a giant ceiling in the great room so we should have the GIANT tree.  My counterpoint is that the big tree will cost 3 times that of the one I like and just because we have the space, doesn't mean we need to fill it! 

Plus, I have a vision of the tree sitting in the lower-ceilinged corner with goodies all around it ~ off of the floor where lions and tigers roam.  I have an old corner tv stand that we're not using similar to the one below:

I think it would be really cute to put the lighted Christmas village on the shelves behind the glass doors.  (It will be much, much safer for the little villagers to be ensconced behind the glass ~ we have large monster kitties that roam freely in this home!)  My stand isn't as nice as the one above, but I think it will do ~ for now... hint, Mr. MoonCat... I like the one above..

So what do you think?  A 12ft-ish tree or a more modest, manageable, magnificent tree of about 4 or 5 feet sitting on a pretty stand with a village nestled below?  Whichever way we go, you know it'll have to be made secure from the ferocious felines...

**Are you getting the impression that everything we do around here comes back to the critters?  How will it affect them?  What kind of destruction and havoc can they wreak?  Gotta love 'em or else....


  1. Good thing your kitties aren't at our house, Jules! I just got finished putting together an artemisia tabletop tree. They would have a field day dismantling it! So I'm with you (Sorry Mr. Moon Cat!), Charlie Brown all the way!

  2. My cats have never caused any havoc with our trees over the years...when we had real trees, my late Bootsie would paw at the skirt and drink the water out of the stand. and all of the cats would sniff it and lay under it that is it, even when we switched to a fiber optics fake tree.

    I have not put a tree up the last 2 years, as I do not get any help with it, and with all my physical issues I said the heck with it. so while I think the Tall tree would be gorgeous if you have cathedral ceilings. If you have no help to put it up and take it down, and go for the smaller ones.

    at any rate, be Merry!

  3. I'm all for the smaller tree too. I put up a rather tiny one this year (I usually go for the huge ones) and I'm very happy with the low effort it involved. I'm a little blah this holiday season too.

    So sorry to hear about your chickens and your brother in law's mom passing. You can grieve for your mom too - as long as you need to. No apologizing!


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