Friday, December 17, 2010

An Outstanding Last Minute Gift Idea for Readers

If you have readers in your house, undoubtedly books or bookstore giftcards are always favored presents.  I have always loved getting books that someone has specifically chosen for me based on my likes and interests or because they loved a story and wanted to share it with me. 

I wasn't paid to gush, I am not trying to sell you anything or win a contest, I just flat out LOVED THIS BOOK!  I know there are many horse lovers and parents of young horsepeople that follow this blog and I merely wanted to give all of you a hint for a fantastic gift:

Eclipsed by Shadow

I am not going to get into all of the details because a simple click HERE will take you to my wordy and drool-covered review at my book blog, One Book Shy of a Full Shelf.  I almost never rate books a "5 out of 5", but this book could have gone 10 out of 5 for me very easily.  It is extremely well written by a knowledgeable horseman and has already been compared to the Harry Potter series for the adventure and fantasy.  It's one of those books that will pretty much appeal to everyone, whether they love horses or not.  Let me know what you think..


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