Monday, November 16, 2009

Dad turns 70

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Anyone that's met my Dad knows that he is a no-fuss, no frills kind of guy. He's an old time, real cowboy (crotchety) that was born in the wrong century. He's also gruff with a tough exterior that hides a big marshmallow center. He is a supreme animal lover with that vibe that makes most animals instantly adore him. He would do anything for those of that he loves and is loved by many. He doesn't like technology and would be happy up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere with his animals and a few, select people (I'm right there with him on that part, but I do love some of the technology.)

Anyway, throwing a party for him is like pulling teeth. He didn't want one, threatened not to be there, said he'd disown me, etc. I, of course, threatened to disown him right back or handcuff him to the barn if he didn't let me have my way and have a celebration. I finally reached a compromise with him. Since we're still having sorting practices on Sundays at the ranch, I asked him if we could combine a BBQ in with the practice since many of the same people would be there anyway. He relented, still grumbling, but did say OK.

It was obviously a meant t0 be thing as the weather was PERFECT. We have never had perfect weather on Dad's birthday. It's always been cold, raining, foggy, etc. so we couldn't plan an outside party or anything out of town. It was a beautiful sunny day with lovely warm temperatures. Almost everyone I invited made it and the food was terrific (I'm not bragging on myself, lots of side dishes were brought by the 40+ guests, yum.) Daddy had a lot of fun once he relaxed and let himself enjoy all of the people there to celebrate his day with him. He topped it off by winning the sorting jackpot at the end of the day.

Although I was very pleased with the day, I was a dummy and didn't take any pictures. I'm hoping one of our friends will share her photos. So for now, these are some pix of Dad from my wedding last year and a few others. I love you Daddy, Happy 70th!


  1. happy birthday to your dad :) bbq's are the best parties to have :)

  2. Happy 70th birthday to your Dad... he looks like such a cowboy and I bet you are so glad that he enjoyed himself... I love parties at the best of times...


  3. Happy, happy birthday to your Dad! Treasure your time with him! I didn't have enough time with mine!

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your dad!
    (The pictures you posted are great!)

  5. Happy Birthday Jules' Dad!

    Glad everything worked out perfectly for you!

  6. Happy Birthday to a handsome man. Sounds like a great party with tremendously wonderful memories.
    "This" is what life is about... making terrific memories with people we love.

  7. Wow...he doesn't look 70 years old! Not even close.

    Hope he had a wonderful birthday.



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