Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost Back on Track

Thank you all so much for the best wishes and prayers. Mom is really touched by all of the good thoughts being sent her way from the blogosphere! When she gets settled back here at home, she asked if she could write something to thank everyone for thinking of her. I told her she could do a guest post any time she wants!!!

She is feeling so much better. They have done a few procedures in the last few days that have really eased her breathing. It sounds like they're going to let her come home on Wednesday. Her nursing staff is the bomb! She has some extremely sweet & caring people taking very good care of her. I am thankful for and impressed by them. She will be starting her chemo next week if all goes according to plan (like that ever seems to happen around here..) But her spirits are way up and she's regaining some of her strength.

I, on the other hand, have succumbed to the crud. I'm hoping it's just a cold and not the dreaded flu, but I couldn't go see her today at the hospital as I was running a fever and have a sore throat. Thank goodness for cell phones as we chatted several times during the day. The Ant has been wonderful in keeping her company as well. She actually spent the night with her on Thursday. She has much more stamina than I do! I think they were really having a slumber party and just trying to keep the annoying man in the room next door up all night. They do tend to giggle a lot when they're together..

I am working on a post for tomorrow to show off some of the giveaway goodies I've been the super lucky recipient of as of late. Between Blogtoberfest and the Ghoul's Guild, I was pretty well spoiled rotten with prizes. Major fun... (I'm going to host another one myself very soon, so keep tuning in!)

And just so I won't be boring you yet again with a "no photo post", here's a shot of Chandler. He seems to be confused as to which end is supposed to be on the pillow....


  1. So pleased to hear good news of your Mum :-) And looking forward to a guest post!

    But sorry you've not been well :-( Take care of you x

  2. Big smiles that your mom is feeling better.

    Bit frowns that you're feeling miserable.

    Love that picture! LOL


  3. I hope you don't have the flu - lots of cold bugs going around, so perhaps it's just a little sniffle (I hope!)

    Hope your mom comes home soon - hospitals are yucky!


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