Friday, November 20, 2009

Mom Update & New Etsy Note Cards

UPDATE : Mom is still in the hospital, but has started her chemo. The doctors are very happy with her progress and how she is responding to it. She seems to have less of the side effects than she did back in 2005, so far. She's a trooper, my mama. I am very proud of her.

It is looking like she will be able to come home this weekend, after almost three weeks. This is great news since they had moved her to a hospital that was about 20 miles further away earlier this week which made it about an 80 mile round trip visit. I try to keep her company almost every day so this extra drive has been taking its toll both physically and financially. So please continue your great thoughts and prayers and know that our family really appreciates it.

Also, thank you all for the great comments on Dad's birthday post. He was really getting a kick out of the response (after I got in trouble for calling him crotchety...)

I've found a few minutes again to list more of my note cards on my Etsy shop . I am slowly getting them added a couple at a time. Check them out and let me know what you think. I'd really love some feedback. You can click the link above or on each photo to take you to that page.


  1. Great news about your mother :-) Hope she continues to do well x

  2. glad to hear your mom is making progress and even more glad that it still appears she will make it home this weekend... nice I am sure to have her home for the holidays as long as no longer making the long trip... love your notecards.. beautiful photos... hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  3. So happy to hear your mom is doing well! That's great news.

    As for your cards...they're fantastic!


  4. I'm happy to hear the Doctor's are happy with your mom's progress. Can't wait to hear she is back home.

    Hugs, many hugs.


    PS - I have more giveaways going on you may want to check out.

  5. Glad to know your Mom is on the way up! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Jules!


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