Monday, November 9, 2009

Loot, Bounty, Treasure, Goodies, Prizes PART 1

This 2 part post is all about the giveaway goodness that I have been so very lucky to have won recently. I love to enter drawings (um, duh - obviously). Besides the thrill of winning, it is a blast to discover new blogs to explore. I have found some great places on the web all due to giveaways or blog hops. Please check out the sites of these generous bloggers below and see some of their great work.

Morgaine du Mer is the artist behind this awesome print:

Halloween Party Dress

that I won during the Ghoul's Guild "Trick or Treat" event. Isn't she gorgeous? Check out some of Morgaine's other pretties that I am adoring like Black Cat Halloween Original ACEO below. It reminds me of my Porkchop here at home!


After winning these great earrings from Mad Science Creations, I checked out the great things up for grabs on her site, including this luscious corset. Lots of crafty goodness to be found. ~~~~~
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness (which we all know is an issue I'm passionate about), SewCalGal held a giveaway for this gorgeous fabric. My lucky number was drawn for this: It is a beautiful cotton print that Mom and I will be making a quilt from. She really likes pink so I think it will be perfect for her room. The fact that we can make it together will make it all the more special. SewCalGal has another great site here where she lists lots of giveaways and contests among other things. In fact, I just read her post on what is now going to be one of Mom's Christmas gifts . Go visit her sites and say Hi for me!

Part 2 of this giveaway goodness post will continue tomorrow....

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