Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 Intentions

Resolution - something that is resolved or dealt with successfully

I don't really like the word "Resolution" when it comes to starting the New Year. It sounds so definite or absolute as in I WILL DO THIS, I AM RESOLUTE. Well, I'm not all that "resolute", I'm leaning more towards "gently inspired". In fact, I really like that term. Gently inspired!

I tend to like things that are similar to the "Pirate's Code" from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movies. When the Code didn't fit the situation to their liking, it suddenly became more of a "guideline" or a suggestion. As in, I'm going to try to resolve or deal with this according to the Code - but don't hold your breath! I like that a little better for my purposes. Flexibility. That way, I'm not beating myself up at the end of the year when I haven't kept my RESOLVE and finished the ridiculous list I set myself up with twelve months prior.

So I am leaning towards calling them my "suggestions" or "intentions". The definition I like best when it comes to suggestion is: the process by which one thought leads to another especially through association of ideas. That pretty much describes how my brain works: A thought comes into my head and before I can act upon it and complete whatever action is required, a new thought related somehow (or not) to the first one pops in and the whole thing repeats.

It's a vicious cycle as I don't seem to get things done even though I do have good intentions. Intention has a great definition of what one has in mind to do or bring about. Which leads us back to "resolve" which is a synonym of intent along with purpose, design, aim, objective, goal, etc. So, enough of the word wars with myself and enough driving you nuts. Below is a partial list of things I would like to work on this year and show some progress in. I am going to post it on my sidebar so I have to look at it regularly and encourage or inspire myself to take action towards crossing things off throughout the year.

Breaking things down into smaller, bite-size chunks is another thing I've learned recently. It works with eating, so it should work with everything else in life. I figure if I break some of my list down into weekly, monthly, or even quarterly sections, it might be easier to swallow. Putting them down for the world to see might just make me hold myself a little more accountable too?

Jules' 2010 Intentions

  • Get the website up and operational

  • Blog with more regularity

  • Allow more time for creativity

  • Be more flexible - physically and mentally/emotionally/socially/etc

  • Spend more time riding and exercising

  • Eat healthier

  • Keep a cleaner house

  • Spend more time with girlfriends

  • Work on my photography

  • Take my vitamins
  • Love more

This list is by no means complete or in order. I'm just adding things as I go and will probably update it on a fairly regular basis. It is one of the things that I am going to use as a motivation to help myself get organized and more focused this year.

motivation - stimulus, influence, drive

Sorry, couldn't resist one more! Have a great day....


  1. Love your list of intentions/suggestions! I don't resolve to do anything either!

    Hope all your intentions come to be!

  2.'re a hoot.

    Great list to strive for!



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