Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Whinny - Cindy Three Sox

I haven't introduced you to any of the critters in quite a while. This is my girl - Cindy Three Sox. She also goes by Cinderelly and Blondie Bear (sometimes another word that starts with "B" but is not appropriate on a G-rated site!).

If you've been with me for a while, you might notice that she looks just like Dad's gelding, Cinderfella. They are full siblings from the same Palomino Quarter Horse mare (Cinderella Sox) and our Paint stallion - Sunday Sailor.

Does my butt look big?

Cinderelly is a very big, gorgeous girl. She loves to work cattle and enjoys going on mountain trial rides and now playing in the ocean. She and I really bonded when my friend invited me to the coast for a week a few summers ago. I took Cindy even though she hadn't been off the ranch very much. She is such a good-minded horse that I wasn't too worried about how she'd act (her brother Fella is a whole 'nother ballgame!).

Horses have a natural instinct for "fight or flight" that has been bred into them from antiquity. Fella is immediate "flight" - he'll spin around and just leave if he's frightened by something. This can make for some VERY interesting rides with him. Cindy on the other hand leans more towards the "fight" instinct. If she is startled, she will stop and quickly access the situation. She'll also take a cue from me to see if I'm scared. She may stand there and shake a bit, but she won't flee at super top speed like big bro does.

When Cindy saw (and heard) the ocean for the first time, she stopped dead in her tracks. We had rounded a bend between two cliffs that lead to the beach. The roar of the surf was almost deafening since it was sort of a tunnel we were walking towards. While a couple of the other horses freaked out and said "See Ya!", she just stood there shaking and taking it all in. When I gently urged her forward, she obliged and on we went to the sand.

The first day I could barely get her to put her feet on the wet sand at the edge of the water. She'd jump back and not let the water touch her hooves. By the end of the week my supergirl was jumping in the water and playing in the surf up to her chest with me on her back. We did a lot of running full-bore on the packed sand up and down the beach. It was magnificent! Just like my Blondie Bear. I love her dearly and enjoy my time with her immensely.

Cinderelly may be having a baby next year. We are discussing breeding her again as she had a magnificent foal two years ago. (I've promised Mr. MoonCat that we can keep this one and raise it, as we ended up selling "Hank the Tank" when he was weaned.) I will keep you updated on our plans for the Blondie Bear and possible Baby Bear..

Note: These photos are a not current. Blondie Bear is currently very shaggy with her winter coat and covered in lots of mud! She enjoys being a dirty, dirty girl....


  1. While I've never been a huge fan of mares ( I'm a gelding kind of girl!) I have always LOVED palaminos- she's gorgeous!! Oh and yes, your butt does look big; no quarter horse should be without a big butt though. ;)

  2. She's actually the first mare of my own too. I have always ridden geldings and the big boys. I was in charge of the stud barn for years. The stallions are usually even better mannered than the girls!

    I like BIG BUTTS and I can not lie!

  3. She's gorgeous! And I love that she is so brave with you! I know you are a good Mom!

  4. What a beautiful girl she is. Very strong. I grew up with quarter horses and have seen the behaviors you describe, but never thought about it that way (I was too young to understand). What a treasure to introduce Cinderella to the ocean and be able to play in it together.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing!


  5. She's beautiful!

    Even if she is a dirty, dirty girl. LOL

    Now, I know this probably sounds silly, but I've ALWAYS found guilty everytime I ride a horse. I always feel like I'm going to hurt them...break their backs, break their legs, etc. It makes me very uncomfortable...their legs look so fragile.

    I know this is silly, but it's truly the way I've always felt.

    Just thought I'd toss that out there. LOL


  6. Thanks for checking out my Blondie Bear ladies and leaving lovely comments.

    Bridgett, you'd be surprised at just how strong those delicate-looking legs are. And it's definitely not a silly concern.

    It's a reality that horses can get hurt, especially on the racetracks. That tends to be from the trainers pushing the horses to perform extremely hard at too young of an age. Their bones and tendons are usually still not fully formed. There's that quest for the almighty dollar again.. - We don't have race horses obviously.

    We've always taken excellent care of our horses and have been very fortunate in their health. Dad won't start any of our babies until they're well over two, sometimes three - depends on the individual horse. The enjoyment and love we share with them (along with all the hard work) is so worth it.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us, I always enjoy your comments. Keep em coming!


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