Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Whinny - Sunday Sailor

I talk a lot about the ranch and all of our horses, but I tend to be lax about showing you our beauties. Today I would like to introduce you to Sunday Sailor, our Paint Stallion. He is the daddy to the majority of the great horses we use - Cinderfella, my mare Cindy, Pete, and Missy (photos to come, I promise).

We are very proud of the big guy (as is my usual, I have an alternative name for him: Booger, which he does answer to!) He is now a big 18 years old and still going strong. We breed several outside (not our own) mares to him every year. He throws such gorgeous babies. Fortunately they all seem to get his sweet disposition as well as his good looks. Many of them have also inherited his abilities. He's very athletic and a great cow horse. We use him to work cattle, sort, team pen, rope, and just ride for pleasure. He's my big sweetie!


  1. He sure is a beauty! thanks for sharing the pic

  2. Paint horses are among my favorite horses, so, naturally, I just love the photos you shared. :)

    By the way, CONGRATS on winning Jaz's witch apron, hat, and earrings! :) Please be sure to share a photo of you wearing them, okay?

    I am quite sure that I visited your blog before -- most likely through Mrs. B. Back then I wondered how a 40-ish woman can possibly look 20 years younger on that great photo. :)

    Anyway, now I follow your blog -- don't want to miss out on any more great horse photos.

    Greetings from Munich,

  3. Thank you ladies, we're pretty proud of the big guy. He's such a love.

    Birgit, thanks for the congrats. I was really excited to hear from her earlier. I will definitely be posting a photo. What a cool prize!

    Also thanks for the compliment, that picture was taken a little over a year ago as part of our engagement photo session. It's one of the Hubby's favorites and he asked me to use it on the blog (I don't like any pix of me, ever). But your comment is very sweet!

  4. i am with birgit...we want to see you decked out in the apron and hat!!! we are all so happy you won! my kids are thrilled too. it is nice to see something from salem travel across the country to have a new home with ones who love halloween! it will ship first thing in the morning. glad you got a fall fix from my blog.

  5. Wow - he is gorgeous!

    Sounds like he has a happy life too - being loved by you, getting a little 'lovin' on the side (giggle) and working the farm!

  6. I know nothing about horses, but even I can tell he's a beauty.



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