Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kevin Bacon Stood Me Up

How could he have let me down so? I waited and waited....I played our song..."Gotta cut Footloose.."

Not really, but a gal could dream huh?.. Our 25th High School Reunion went off without any major hitches. The food was excellent, the music took us all back (waaaaay back), and the company was great. We had a lot of fun catching up on everyone's lives. It's funny because I don't feel like 25 years have blown by, but then I look in the mirror or at photos like this..

One thing that we laughed about after looking at the photo above is that there are 3 sets of best friends from high school that are still best friends today, me included. Beak (2nd from the left) & I (2nd from the right) have been BFAs (best friends always - we had to be different from the BFFs - best friends forever) since we were 7 years old! And now, we finally have men in our lives that really, truly like each other (and she & I like each other's man) so we can FINALLY go out on double-dates and vacations together!

Our class graduated 82 students. We were bummed that we didn't have two more to make us "84 in 84", but oh well. We were one of the smallest graduating classes in many years and I think the closeness many of us still share is due in part to the small class size. Of course, I'm sure the fact that we were a small "country" school also plays into that. It amazes people who are new to our group when they find out that many of us have been together since we were in kindergarten. These friendships are some of the most valuable relationships in our lives.

We were hoping more people could make it to the reunion, but family, finances, & illness kept many from making the trip home. We're already talking about plans for our 30th.....


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time! It's so great to have friends that have been together forever - I have a few of those too!

    Kevin Bacon didn't know what he was missing!

  2. ohhh I cant click on the photo to make it bigger...wahhhh...Hugs Khris

  3. Poor Kevin...missing out on all the fun. :)

    I graduated in '94 with about 71 others. I went to a small country school as well. It does make a difference with those life-long friendships, I think.

    Looks like a great time though!



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