Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving, Moving Never Stopping

I'm starting to think that I will never be done with this move. We are packing and unpacking on an almost daily basis. Above is my kitchen/dining room table as it has looked for the past month.
Below shows some of the most important pieces of "FURniture" that we moved into the house immediately. For our sanity and theirs...
They both have a bed in the bedroom as well, but none of this keeps them from sneaking up onto the sofa when we're not paying total attention. Spoiled little beasties.. gotta love 'em, lots.
Hopefully I will soon have less whining about moving to share with/dump on you. Thanks for putting up with it!


  1. I don't envy you the packing/unpacking routine. I have done it too many times in my life.
    Our dog is always sneaking up on our sofa or bed ~ thinks she is a little kid :)

  2. I should loan you The Herbal Husband, Jules. He had pictures up and boxes unpacked and it looked good from the day after we moved in! That was twenty years ago! I'm not sure how we move out now! Hopefully we won't have to for awhile! Keep plugging and get those dogs involved! LOL!

  3. Actually, that is really the only "cluttered" part of the new house left. I was rather "rabid" at first about unpacking a box & putting it away as it came in. The table usually gets cleared off in time for dinner & then it starts all over the next day.

    His mom said that it wouldn't be home til we had a picture hung up so we put up one of our wedding photos right away. We've added quite a few other things since then.

    The Hubby has been working his tail off getting the boxes from the old place to this one. The garage is the really, really scary place and will be for quite some time I'm sure.

  4. Just glad you and Michael have found a home, Jules!

  5. Ugghhh. Yes. Moving blows. No doubt about it.

    There is just nothing enjoyable in the act at all.

    But it looks like it's starting to come together, little by little. If nothing else, at least the doggies look happy. LOL


  6. O law. Jules, don't take this the wrong way but I'm so glad it's not me! -smile-
    I've got to do it, probably, once or twice more in my life and it seems like such a chore.

  7. It really is feeling like a home now. As soon as the other places are completely packed up & in the past, I will be able to completely concentrate on decluttering the garage(and now driveway as the garage is starting to cough things out all of the doors onto the cement.)

    We signed a year lease on this place, but since I am really already loving it and completely HATING moving, it may 5-10 or always that we stay here...

    Thank you all for the encouragement!


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