Thursday, June 3, 2010

CSN Stores EarthBox Garden Kit review

Back in March, I posted about a review I would be doing for CSN Stores on their EarthBox Garden Kit.  (You can find the original post Here).  I know it was quite a while ago that I started on this review, but I wanted to really give it a thorough test and not just an "oh it's cool", "I really like it", etc.  even though I hadn't really put it through it's paces.  I won't do a review post on anything that I haven't truly tried out personally.  So, without further ado; my unbiased opinion - I love it!!!!

I planted the grow box the same day I received it back in March.  I put young strawberry plants in both the EarthBox and also a similar planter that I already owned.  The planters are roughly the same size and shape.  I put a total of six strawberry plants in each, all the same size and variety.  The plants have all had the exact same conditions and treatment.  I followed the directions on the EarthBox exactly as they instructed.  Since the EarthBox did come with fertilizer, I added the same type to my white planter as well.  I really believe the system they've come up with is a winner.

This photo is of the EarthBox on the day I planted it:  (I'm sorry I can't find the photo of the white planter from that day - I believe it was part of the laptop casualty files.)

The photos below show the EarthBox and the regular planter now:

regular planter
side by side
Above photo shows them side by side.  Isn't the difference in plant size amazing?  I was very impressed with this kit and I think I may just have to get myself one or two more for next season.  I like that the planter is on wheels and is very easy to maneuver around.  I think it would be great for some of the delicate plants or those that don't seem to make it here due to gophers....

As for CSN Stores, I was very impressed with their service and communication.  James was the representative who had initially contacted me for the review and was extremely helpful from start to finish.  Once we decided what I would be reviewing, he placed my order and it was here within about three days.  Their huge inventory and major amount of selections are very impressive as well.  They offer free shipping on many of their items too so it's a great idea to check them out!


Disclaimer: I received the above EarthBox Garden kit for review purposes. The opinions and views expressed here are 100% my own. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review.



  1. Looks like it worked just fine for ya, Jules.

  2. Thanks Sandra. I really am pretty pleased with this little test.

    Now if I could get my rear in gear & get all the strawberry plants netted, I may have some fruit for ME instead of the Orioles this month! Beautiful little piggies eat half a berry & move on to the next.

  3. Just curious, as they contacted me for reviews also, and I am on the fence. Did they supply this product for you Free or did you have to buy it?

    The plants look AWESOME!!



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