Monday, June 21, 2010

Light Me Up in the garden

Mr. MoonCat and I really enjoy being outside, especially in the evening. Our wedding was held in the great outdoors and the photo below shows a couple of the hanging lanterns we used:

These hung from shepherd's hooks, trees and fence posts.  We really enjoyed them, but they're not practical for everyday use.  It was really pretty, but fire was a concern due to the candles in the jars.  Plus, once the temperatures go up - the candles go down and melt away with the heat.  The paper lanterns were lit with led lights and tiny batteries.  They were cute, but time consuming and a bit pricey to put together considering how fragile they can be. 

We loved this basic look so we're searching around for similar alternatives for our garden.  The exterior of our house has very very minimal, basic lighting.  We want something with a little ambiance and charm (and let's face it - more light to keep ME from falling on my face.) This search brought me to CSN Lighting which is one of the over 200 shops in the CSN Stores family.  You might remember them from the review I did on the EarthBox Garden Kit earlier this month.

So here are just a couple of the candidates I found on their site:

I like the idea that all of them are listed in the Eco-friendly category too. So what do you think?


  1. I like the moon stick one. Placed strategically they could be very enchanting.

  2. I thought so too. I put that one in the running simply because of the cute moon design - I doubt it puts off a lot of light though. Thanks for stopping in :)

  3. All three are beautiful, but I love the Light Pewter Nautical - anything with this old look attracts me. But it all depends on how your garden looks and if it will fit there. I hope you find the best solution for to light yu=our steps! :o)

    Kisses from Nydia.

  4. Hi Nydia,

    That's what attracted me to that one as well. All three would actually fit in different parts of the yard.

    I really want to create a fantasy type area where the little moon stake would be perfect. It could shine a little light on my toads and fairies at night.

    The Nautical light would be great in the backyard patio area and I am thinking the other would be cool along the driveway up to the front door. I wanted to go all solar so we have no cords to mess with - plus better for our environment.

    Thank you for stopping by :)

  5. These are so pretty! Thank you for stopping by my blog!!


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