Friday, June 4, 2010

Thrifty Finds or Presents

Look what my other mother (Billie Mom) found for me!  She was given a box of things to put into her yard sale and pulled these out for little ol' me.  I just adore that woman.  She's my best friend's Mom and mine by osmosis.  One of the real bonuses is that she and Pops live literally right around the corner from us (1 mile in country-speak), but that's very close out here.  Anyway, on to the goodies:

Aren't they great?  I'm always looking for unusual pots and things for the garden.  These all fit the bill perfectly.  I already planted a little baby jasmine vine in the hanging pot above on the left.  You can barely see the green poking up.  Thanks Billie Mom!!!


  1. What great finds! That's neat you have your own personal treasure hunter!!

  2. OHHHHH!!!! I would sooo LOVE that chicken one!
    Hurry put something in it before it grows legs and walks away!LOL

    cool finds, indeed!

  3. I'm pretty lucky Lynda, arent' I? She's a wonderful woman all the way around and has been such a blessing while we're going through everything with mom. The goodies are icing!

    Susan, the chicken is under lock & key :) Everyone seems to want to add it to their own coop!! I'm still trying to decide what lucky plant will get to grow there.

  4. How about some hens and chicks? I know it's all too much!

  5. Great minds think alot!! I just divided a huge one and immediately thought of putting one of the babies in there. My corny sense of humor knows no bounds.....just like yours my friend :) I actually have some type of a tiny, trailing thyme I think will be really pretty in it.

  6. Too cute and will look fabulous placed here and there...great finds!


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