Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy, Hot Saturday & a Fuzzy Butt

It's 95 degrees here right now!  It's not officially summer yet and we're watching the mercury rise daily.  I've mentioned before that I am NOT a summer person.  Here in California's Central Valley, we get three digit temperatures on a regular basis during the summer months.  It will occasionally go up to about 115 or so.  Dangerously hot for all of our critters and just plain miserable for all of us. 

Today is the first day that I have given in and turned on the AC.  Mom can't breathe very easily when the temps get too high and we've been making do with the fans.  But the cats were already laying on the cooler living room floor trying not to move at 10:30am this morning so I knew it was time. 

*If you look closely at Bugsy's furry little rear-end, you'll see actual bits of white fuzz similar to dryer lint.  This is about the third time he's appeared (from who knows where) looking like this.  It reminds me of those annoying & tacky toilet paper commercials with the bears.  Maybe he's using that particular TP when he steps out of the litter box?  Another of the mysteries of living with cats..........


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