Friday, July 16, 2010

200th Post - Name the Wedgie Contest & Giveaway


I can't believe 200 posts have come and gone! I'm pretty happy to have reached this little milestone with all of you.  Thanks for all of your support.

In celebration, we're having the contest/giveaway that I have been hinting about for several weeks. It's a pretty easy one.  It's called:

"Name the Wedgie"

My name is Wedgie, what's yours?

The Facts:  Wedgie can't go through life with such an undignified name.  He needs something a bit more pompous and grown-up sounding.  (Don't worry, he'll always be the Wedge - just not on his registration paperwork.)

I'm too cute for my own good.

So dear readers, your task is simple.  Come up with a name fit for a BIG boy.  It can be anything you dream up.  In order to help you out a bit, the way we usually come up with names for our registered horses is to make up a combination with the names of the dam and sire or even older generations. 

For example, Wedgie's mama is Roulette Gambler and his daddy is Sunday Sailor.  So you can do something with these names or go completely in another direction.  The Lemon Verbena Lady  has suggested Phantom due to his mask-like markings on his face - very cool idea, btw.  Mr. MoonCat took that a step further to come up with Gambler's Phantom Sailor.  See how that works?  Play with it.. 

My mommy loves me, even when I'm bad
The Big Daddy - Sunday Sailor
If you want even more names to work with, Wedgie's granddams were Sunshine N Smoke and Sunny Miss Doc.  His grandsires were Patti's Gamblin Man and Sunday Butcher.  Since Wedge is destined to be a gelding and not used for breeding, his family names aren't critical, so have fun with making names up!

I'm going to leave this contest open until Monday, July 26th.  At that time, I'll get all the names together and run them by the boss (Dad) and see which name tickles his fancy and we'll have a winner!  The winner will receive a horse themed prize package. :)  Sorry, you won't win Wedgie - he'd be a pain to mail out to ya!

BUT WAIT, don't put your thinking caps on just yet!  We're also going to have a random winner just because I want to celebrate the fact that I've finally put more cards and new things in my Etsy shop and because you're all such a great group to have around! 

If you are my lucky random winner, you will get to choose 3 cards from the store.  So there are actually 2 chances for everyone to be a winner in this contest and giveaway.  If you don't want to wait until the contest is over, I'm running a sale offering FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2 or more items. The sale runs through the end of July.

To enter the contest to name Wedgie, simply leave a comment with your name suggestion.  Don't be shy, Dad has a sense of humor too so bring em on.  Yours could be the one!

If you want to also be in the random drawing for the 3 cards, tell me which cards you would choose from MoonCat Farms Marketplace if you're the lucky winner.

Mandatory: You don't have to suggest a name to be in the random drawing, but you do have to tell me the cards you like best - I'm nosy that way. 

Please be sure that you leave me a way to contact you if your email isn't attached to your blog profile. 


  1. He'll always be just Phantom to me! I like the herb flowers, nasturtium, basil & lavender! I also Mr. MoonCat's version.

  2. MCF Sunday Gambler - MCF for MoonCat Farm.
    Cute guy, are you going to use him as a stud?

  3. Can I love all the cards? No, well then I pick the horse, the cat and the frog just cause they are all so cute.
    The name I came up with is Sunny Day Gamble.

  4. WOW! I think Pops is going to have his work cut out for him. You guys are on a roll!! Great names, very creative.

    Sandra, if we keep him we will geld him. One stallion is plenty to keep us busy! He's already a little pistol, I can't imagine what he'd be like with the testosterone flowing :)

  5. MoonCat Charmer!


  6. I really like Gamblers Phantom Sailor...

    and I just found out that Phantom is a company that produces gambling card games for computers!

    So the Phantom name ties in with the gambling! Weird, hm?

    I will keep thinking....


  7. That's funny Sheila. I like it when things tie in together in strange ways like that too.

    There's no hurry - keep the gears grinding. I wanted this to be a fun contest :)

    Don't forget to tell me which cards you'd like if you want to be in the random drawing.

  8. Grey Squirrel Photo Note Card would be my favorite card.Phantom gambler is one name. Jory lead shoes is another(sounds like a gangster)I also like Sunday gamblin man. My last one is just weird. Deeowgee (pronounced D.o.g)

  9. Smokey Gambler Phantom (beautiful horses)

    I would choose: Hawk on barbed wire fence,Green tree leaves, Sunset over Morro bay

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Susan :)

  10. Hi Jules,

    First of all, I just LOVE Wedgie. I guess I could watch him for hours playing outside and being just cute. What a wonderful boy...

    Anyway, a name, a name... The SUNSHINE name and your blog's name MOONCAT FARMS somehow made me think of MOONSHINE. LOL! With his mask, he looks a bit like a moonshiner and a bandit, doesn't he? What about MOONSHINE GAMBLER? That name has something exciting about it, doesn't it? I can see your father grinning now...

    As for my favorite cards, I would pick those three ones (by the way, your cards are still hanging near my computer desk -- they are wonderful!):

    Paint Filly baby horse
    Running Horses and Mules Herd
    Sorrel colt

    See a theme here?

    Big hugs,

  11. You are all really getting creative here! This is great. Thank you all for joining in the fun. This is going to be a tough one for Pops..

  12. A Beautiful colt that has stolen my heart. I think WhiteMoon Bandit would be a great name for him. I expect That he will steal many hearts, and in fact reading the posts appears to have already done that.

  13. Sir Wellington Ace of Sunday's Moon

    Wedge could be a nickname for Wellington, and it looks like he's wearing a short pair of Wellingtons on his hind legs. Ace in honor of the gambling lineage. Sunday for his daddy and Moon for Mooncat Farms. :)

    Cards: Horse, red flower, purple flowers




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