Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I See Wednesday

My calla lilies are hanging on in spite of the rising heat.
Little legs getting longer by the day.
Mr. MoonCat's "man-cave" aka my herb drying room

My own pest control team.


  1. Awww - love the froggies! Do they eat mosquitoes - because I could use some of those!

    Like your herb-drying area too - lol!

  2. We have hundreds of toads around here and quite a few of the frogs too. I think (I'm knocking on wood right now)that they are are the reason we aren't completely overrun with the mosquitos here. Plus they're cute!

    I actually have some great racks that hubby built me for drying most of my herbs. When I run out of room on those I put them in his office/spare bedroom to keep them away from the cats. That's the only room in the house that is pet-free. :)


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