Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Truth About Frogs and Toads

Many people think that frogs and toads are the same creature.  While they are both classified as amphibians, they are two distinct animals. 

Mr Toad and Froggie
A few facts about FROGS:
  • Must live near a source of water
  • Their skin is moist and smooth, it appears to be slimy
  • Their back legs are longer, allowing them to jump much higher than toads
  • Many have suction-cup type webbed toes which allow them to swim and cling to walls and other vertical or smooth objects
  • Their eyes are higher on their heads and tend to be more round-shaped
  • Their nose and body is usually more narrow than the toad's
Frog living in hose reel

Frog climbing up wall
Little frog on my finger

A few facts about TOADS:
  • Can live in drier, more arid areas without being close to water
  • Their skin is much drier than a frog's
  • They usually have bumps that are rough to the touch on their skin
  • Toads don't do much jumping, instead they do a waddling run or take tiny hops
  • Toads walk on shorter, stubbier legs than frogs
  • The eyes on toads sit lower on their head and are more almond-shaped than a frog's
A different Baby Toad
Baby Toad
Yet another little Toad
These photos are all from my garden and yards.  We are very lucky to have the right conditions for these little guys to hang around and try to help us with our bug populations.  We have several color variations of both the toads and the frogs.  The little green frogs that live in my plants on the front porch are so fast that I have a hard time catching them on film. 

I try to make it very hospitable for both of these little tailless amphibians to live comfortably at MoonCat Farms.  I have lots of overturned old pots that are half-buried in shady spots for the toads to burrow into and under when it's hot.  The frogs enjoy some shallow pans of water with pebbles that I have in the shade on the front porch near their potted plant homes.

It's always quite the experience when I'm watering.  I have to watch where I put my feet as we have a lot of little helpers at MoonCat Farms.

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  1. I would love to have frogs or toads in my yard. I'm living part way up a large hill right now, with no water source near, so it's not likely I'll have any.

    Thanks for showing the differences - things I didn't know!


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