Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas Shopping in July

I am one of those people who like to have their Christmas shopping done by, oh say Halloween?  I hate the last minute rushing during the holidays.  It drives me nuts.  I want to be able to enjoy myself (and let's be honest, buy things for myself since I'm not having to shop for others at this time of year...)  Hello sales!

So I have been spending a lot of time shopping creatively online lately.  Being home with Mom makes it hard for me to run around and find the things that I want for my family and friends. 

Today I'm looking at knives on a neat site I just found called The Knife Depot.  Mr. MoonCat and Dad are both most likely going to end up with something sharp and pointy in their stockings.  ~ Good thing neither of them pays much attention to what I write on a daily basis.  If you are on here today, you're getting sticks...sharp and pointy sticks..

For Mr. MoonCat, I'm looking at a folding knife like this one:
Pops is probably going to get a pocket knife similar to the one below:

Mrs. MoonCat is most likely going to get this beauty:
The handle is made of 100% post consumer "Paperstone".  Practical and pretty - I must have it. :)  See how easy it is to get off track when shopping for gifts for others.  But in my defense...today's my birthday.  So look to the right to see what I'm getting myself.....he he

 A little vocabulary lesson ~ I do enjoy words after all
  • knives is the plural of knife
  • knifes is the act of stabbing or knifing someone
Just so you know....


  1. I wish I could be that organised lol...

    I could never give a knife though. I was always told it is bad luck to gift knives, me being as supersticous (I have no idea how to spell that)as I am have followed it lol...

  2. I haven't been all that organized this last year or so. I'm hoping to pull it off this year though!


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