Sunday, July 18, 2010

Early Birthday Treat

A friend of mine recently introduced me to by giving me a gift certificate for my upcoming birthday (in 2 weeks for those inquiring minds :)  It's a neat website that allows you to find plenty of personalized items that you can design yourself or browse other people's shops. 

Many of you know I have a thing about reusable shopping tote bags.  I found several that I liked including this one:

One of the other things that I was really interested in is their water bottles.  You can put your own photo or saying on them and truly make them yours!  I am thinking about creating some of these for Christmas presents for the family.  We're all trying to drink a lot more water and this might be just the thing to help us do that.  Wouldn't these be cool?

Well, I thought I'd share this with you and now I'm back to their site - to decide how I want to spend my lovely gift on ME!  Have a great rest of the weekend my friends.


  1. I do love Cafe Press... you can find gifts for just about anybody there!! (even yourself!) Have fun birthday shopping :)


  2. Thanks Sheila, I'm having fun nosing around the site. It's going to be hard to make a choice!


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