Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I hope all of you have started this New Year in a happy and bright place.  2010 is a year that I am extremely glad to have behind us.  We are being hopeful and having faith that 2011 will be a much better and happier year, for everyone!

There will be lots of changes and good things to come to this rather recently neglected blog in the coming months.  I hope you'll all stick around to see what we have in store.  Again, Happy New Year from All of the MoonCat Farms Critters, great and small!


  1. Wishing you and yours a wonderful and Happy New Year.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. good to here you'll be more active Jules, we miss you!I plan on some changes in my life and in my blog in 2011. Are you joining ONE WORLD ONE HEART BLOG HOP this year? as of right now it will be the last one.


  3. Thanks Mason! I appreciate you coming by :)

    Susan, I've missed all of you too! I appreciate you sticking it out with me. I didn't know that about OWOH! That was my intro into blogging ~ I'll go and check it out now.

    Happy New Years & hoping good things for us all!

  4. May the worst of 2011 be from the best of 2010!

  5. Thank you Sandra and the same sentiments back to you and yours! Here's hoping :)


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