Monday, January 17, 2011

Rugs to Rags and Back Again

Growing up on a working ranch meant we didn't really have a lot of frivolous decor in the house. Things needed to be useful, practical, and most of all, easy to clean. The hardest working "decorations" were the rugs. They took a major beating. Especially the rugs near the back door where we came in from the barn. We usually had one of the very colorful, very durable old rag rugs placed there. They were workhorses!  They kept the majority of the mud and other things from going further into the house.  I still have a couple of those old beauties that I try to keep anyone from stepping on because they're getting some age on them.

Old Rag Rug section

Here at MoonCat Farms we have our own share of mud and gunk from the gardens and the chicken runs. I had a cheap little throw rug at the front door that was doing a fairly good job keeping the muck out until Pippi ate it.  As in there aren't even pieces to show you!

She is one of the most destructive little dogs I've ever had! She eats my shoes (notice I said mine, NOT Mr. MoonCat's), books and whatever she can get her little pointy teeth on. I have to be sure to get to any packages from UPS or FedEx before she does as she REALLY likes to open boxes and mail for me. Please note that she has more toys and chewy things than a puppy or child could ever want to gnaw on - she just prefers things that belong to moi!

The only time Miss Pippi/Peepers isn't
eating my stuff!
Isn't my sweet big boy Chandler a cutie pie??

So back to the rug issue. Little Miss Peepers has given me the excuse I've needed to replace the rugs in the living and dining rooms (it's actually more like a great room all combined).  I've decided I want to go with somewhat more modern rugs than the plain older rugs we've been using. One of the other concerns besides the dirt trapping is keeping the wet doggy paw prints from being left on the hardwood floors. Here are two examples of what I am looking at:

This one is an indoor/outdoor rug that is handwoven. It's hoseable, scrubbable, bleachable and designed for high-traffic, muddy areas. I like that the design and colors combine to add a little punch.

Vine & Leaf RugThis lovely vine and leaf design fits well with my living room/great room colors and I think it would hide dirt well. It's also indoor/outdoor and said to be super easy to clean.

Both rugs are water resistant and could be hung out over the fence or big clothesline to dry when washed - not in the machine, but by being hosed down :)  I am a lazy housekeeper as I'd much rather be in the garden or out at the ranch with Dad and the horses. Ease of cleaning and practicality are VERY high on my requirements for things around here.

So what do you think, any suggestions? I admit I'm leaning more towards the leaves at the moment, but I always let the Mister put in his 1/2 cent - since I get 1 1/2 hee hee..


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  1. As always rugs are fabulous. I wish I could grab them all. When I was a kid I have this addiction on collecting rugs with different colors and designs. Now that I'm old rugs was still on my mind and actually rugs are all over my place though I preferred using natural aria rugs.

  2. well, opinions...everyone has them...
    my first Opinion is that Pippi needs to go, or call in the dog whisperer.(I heard pathological chewing is a psychological thing...we had a labrador pup years ago, that chew the sheetrock off the wall and linoleum off the floor, unfortunately we took her to the human society shelter. I had 3 small children and an elderly MIL to care for, the puppy was just too much.

    the rugs...the first rug I think would make me dizzy, but the second one is very pretty!

    when you said rag rugs, i thought you meant those striped cheapy ones. The braided rug (you shown) are wonderful, and hold up a long time...however not machine washable. we used to have one in the kitchen under the table. I kind of miss it.

    Warm blessings,

  3. @Susan - I'm afraid Pippi is here to stay :) She's still a baby. (It WAS one of those cheap little stripey ones that she ate, NOT one of the good braided rugs. She might be relocating if she'd done that!) The photo on top is of one of the ones that I still have from when I was growing up. My great grandma and grandma made it. It's in really good shape, still pretty bright too.

    @Nancy - I KNEW that one would be your preference :) Great minds...

    Hubby has agreed with all of us on the leaves. He said the same thing as Susan about it would make him dizzy. I just liked the hiding the dirt/pawprints aspect of it. But the leaves are my choice too. Yay :)

  4. Jules, I like the braided rug better than the other two -smile-. Those are pretty but they lack character, imho.


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