Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Chick Pix and a SURPRISE!

I haven't updated everyone on the girls (and Big Red) in a while so I thought I'd share a few photos from one of the VERY few days of no rain lately.

The hen's eye view
Big Red fascinated by a bit of straw

The death of a straw bale

So, are you ready for a surprise?  We weren't!  Look....

Aren't they pretty?
We really didn't expect the girls to start laying until March or April at the earliest.  I think they're confused as they aren't supposed to lay during the very short days of winter.  Given that they're also only 5 months old, we were amazed to find these beauties in the coop!  My babies are growing up so fast...


  1. I hate to sound stupid, but I never realized chickens laid eggs in colors other than brown or white. These are pretty.

  2. as,long as Chickens are of the age for egg-laying they will lay year round. It is based on how much Sunlight or light they absorb.
    If you want eggs all the time, keep a light on in the coop at night.

    We've owned Chickens on and off for over 20 years. We do not have any now do to a combination of a fox and a neighbor's dog. We were going to get some this past summer, but son moved home with his dog, so we are kind of afraid. There is a small penned in area off the coop. But we really like letting them free range.

    I am envious of your fresh eggs! Congrats.(I totally noticed that you have one of those South American chickens starts with an "A", they lay the different colored eggs, that sure is a pretty Turq. one)

  3. Ooh pretty eggs! I miss having chickens and would have them again in a heartbeat if I had the room!

  4. @Ape The blue-green eggs are from the Ameraucana hens. (They're the brown and black hens.) Definitely don't feel stupid! Most people only think that eggs are white. We only have one hen that'll lay white eggs and she's not laying yet. The rest lay the cream and brown eggs.

    We've only got two of those left so I'd like to get more of them in the Spring. They're pretty birds with pretty eggs!

    @Rue & Susan - Now that we've had the girls for a while, I'm hooked! They are so much fun - the eggs are a bonus :)

  5. Who needs to die Easter Eggs? Your eggs are beautiful. I'm amazed at the variety of color. Tell those chicks that they did a great job and are very artistic.


  6. Is it Easter already? I'm behind again or is that always behind? Ha! Love whatever color your girls come up with! Glad to have you blogging again! Nancy

  7. Oh my gosh! I love that egg! Chicken fascinate me. Stop by my blog and see my miniature 1:12 scale chicken house. Love your kitties too!

  8. Hi, new reader to your blog :)
    I was just wondering how do you know, hmmm...let me rephrase, how do these eggs become baby chicks? I mean is there an amount
    of time after laying, that you can eat them and leave them to grow? So sorry for the weird way i posed this question, lol. Oh, is there a cutoff time that you shouldn't pick the eggs because they are becoming chicks. Oh dear, lol. Thanks for trying to decipher what I am trying to ask, love your blog!

  9. Hi Joanie,

    I'm still fairly new to chicken keeping myself so definitely don't feel shy about asking. I had to do that too!

    If we didn't have a rooster, there would be no concern at all about the eggs turning into chicks. They would be unfertilized.

    Since we do have a rooster, the eggs are probably fertile so we take them from the hens daily and place them in the fridge. There will be no hatchlings around here for a while :)

    From what I understand, it takes about 21 days or so of sitting under a nice warm hen for the eggs to incubate into little chicks. (I may be wrong about that amount of days..) But they do need the constant warmth and turning that a hen will do in order to hatch successfully.

    Thank you for asking and I'm glad you've found us!



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