Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Day of Rest..Finally

Bugsy demonstrates how to relax

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas. We did, but I'm staying home today. Not getting out of my jammies either. Our last two days seemed to be all about rushing from one place to another.

Even though it was extremely hectic, we ended up having a really good time with family and friends. Dad and I actually had fun doing his last-minute shopping, we were quite speedy and successful! Mr. MoonCat and I were able to visit with our dear family friends and eat way too much good food. Mom was feeling a little better and we had dinner with her in her hospital room. The food was pretty dang good, even her diabetic meal was appealing. She enjoyed unwrapping her presents and is anxious to get home and get sewing as I bought her a new bobbin winder among other things.

After we left Mom, we had to take care of the horses & critters at the ranch. Dad was going to be late so we didn't want him to worry about rushing home. We ended up really rushing ourselves as we had made a date with my best friend & her someday (soon I hope) hubby to see Avatar in 3D. The two of them hadn't seen it yet, but their kids had and of course, loved it. We don't spend near enough time with these two so we jump at the chance when we are all able to be in the same place at once.

I'm really glad I got to see this film at the theater instead of just waiting for the DVD like we do on a fairly regular basis. It is one that is definitely meant to be seen BIG. The 3D version was great also, but to be honest, it hurt my eyes at a couple of points. Usually when everything was going by at full speed. The 3D did really make the spectacular scenery POP. We caught several things that we missed when we saw it the first time. We did get to sit in the middle of the theater even though we got there a bit late. It seems other people were running even more behind than we were.

I'm really happy that our friends saw it with us. We were all yakking about it afterwards and they both got the same messages we did when we first saw it (see my first post HERE ). It was funny that Greg said the very same thing I did about the majority of the people in there would probably miss the points. I've really enjoyed the replies and some of the discussion that this has brought about. The biggest deal is that is a movie very well worth seeing at the theater with the ecological theme being icing on the cake for me.

Now on to New Year's.........................


  1. Great, I'm glad you got good seats for the 3-D version! I was a bit worried that the eyes would still hurt...I'm about to go see it for the third time and am happy that it will be normal!

    Several of my friends still haven't seen it--I'm itching to have a great conversation about it with them! Thanks for posting about Avatar again!

  2. Merry Christmas, Jules! I'm looking forward to seeing the Sherlock Holmes and the Queen Victoria movies.
    BTW...did you send a box of goodies? I don't know your last name and am puzzled. Please let me know via
    thistlecovefarms at gmail dot com. There are things you need to know...

  3. staying home in pjs is a good idea!
    I really need to see Avatar soon, some people love it others not so much. going to have to see for myself :)

  4. 3-D ususally gives me a ragine not sure I'd enjoy that much.

    I do want to see the movie though.

    Hope your mom gets home from the hospital soon!



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