Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Nothing really exciting to share today, I just wanted to get in my Christmas tidings to all of my beloved readers before we get swamped tomorrow. I hope you all have lovely memory-making with your families and dear ones. Cherish the time together.

We have a really busy schedule ahead of us as Hubby & I are going to my other Mom & Pop's house (my best friend's parents) for an early Christmas lunch/dinner on Christmas Eve. That is after I meet Dad for breakfast and help him do his shopping. He cracks me up because he always Bah-Humbugs until the night before and then suddenly wants to get gifts. I should be more prepared for his un-Scrooging by now, but oh well... Then on actual Christmas Eve, Dad is going with us to hang out with Mom at the hospital for a bit. She's feeling a bit better, but still can't come home. Please keep her in your prayers. We all appreciate the warm thoughts.

Christmas Day is still up in the air. We're invited with Dad to our friend's house for what will be a fun and yummy dinner. I just don't like the idea of Mom sitting there by herself at the hospital too long on this particular holiday so I may just send Dad and the Hubby and go hang with Mom. We can watch A Christmas Story over and over again. (Love that movie!) Fortunately, the food at the hospital is pretty tasty so we won't be deprived anyway. I will probably have to sneak her one of my cookies in anyway, but we won't mention that to Nursey-poo...

Well, I'd love to leave you with photos of our lovely decorated home, but #1 - it's not really decorated, and #2 - I have no clue where my camera is! I did decorate Mom's hospital room though, so I hope that counts?
Merry Christmas my lovelies and I will be back in a few days, fatter & probably not much wiser!


  1. decorating your mom's room def. counts :D

    happy holidays!

  2. That's just the way we like you! Hope your mom escapes the hospital soon!

  3. Have a great one Jules!

    Hope Mom is in good spirits, even though she's still stuck in the hospital!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


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