Thursday, December 3, 2009

Favorite Guest

We've decided to not let our current house guest go home. We are kidnapping her.

We are enjoying the heck out of her visit. She is fun and entertaining. We don't have to cook for her, she eats what we put in front of her happily. She doesn't complain, doesn't care what the house looks like or what time we roll out of bed in the morning. She doesn't pass judgement on anything we say or do and just enjoys being with us. I've decided to keep her, she is the perfect company!

Meet Abby:

Abby (aka Lady of the Abbey) is my sister's newest addition. Sis calls my dogs her "dogphews", but I'm not quite sure how to combine niece and dog.

Miss Abby is visiting her Auntie and Unk while Sis and the family are at Disneyland this week. Mr. MoonCat and I were supposed to go on the trip with them, but with Mom's health so poor (she is back in the hospital again as the fluid has built back up in her lungs very quickly), we couldn't be that far away from her. We insisted Sis continue with the trip as it is #1 nephew's first time with Mickey Mouse. #1 niece hadn't been in 10 years so she was due also. We're very bummed to have missed it, but there will be other chances to go play with them, hopefully soon.

Little pooch felt right at home the first day she arrived. Pretty much took over the house and all of the inhabitants. Unfortunately, Porkchop hates her. His little nose is out of joint because Abby likes to sit on my lap just as much as he does. He can bully the other cats & dogs, but not Abby Sue. It's been a nightly battle to see who gets there first and can claim the space for the evening. So far they're 2-2.

Porkchop hunkering down and vying for position on my lap

So, we're moving. No forwarding address. Sorry Sis, Abby decided to go with us. You can't have her back! (Porkchop is sending you directions now...)


  1. I'm not sure who should win this one! Can't there be a tie? Please!

  2. I love it when everyone gets along; makes life So Much Better!
    Love the new Fur Baby; don't let her go -grin-.

  3. What a sweetie! I don't blame you for wanting to keep her.

    Sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  4. I'd be keeping Abby too - what a sweetie! Porkchop will get used to her...eventually!

  5. I hope your furry house guest can stay awhile longer. She is so cute & sweet. And you need all the cheer you can get.

    I hope your mom gets out of the hospital soon, but I'm sure her doctors are taking good care of her. Please keep us posted.



  6. LOL...too funny! Poor Porkchop. But I have to say, Abbey is pretty darn cute.



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