Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr. Mooncat and Celie

For your viewing pleasure, a Mr. Mooncat story told in photos. (Explanation is at the bottom in case you can't fathom what in the world he's doing....)

I'm sure you're scratching your head & saying "Huh?" about now. Let me give you a breakdown:

Mr. MoonCat installed a doggy/Kitty door to the garage so we could put the litter boxes out there. (We don't use the garage for cars, just mile-high stacks of boxes, laundry, and now litter boxes.) We began having problems with Celie (Princess P) refusing to use the kitty door. She would wait for one of us to open/close the garage door for her or she'd have "accidents" during the night. (She is hubby's completely spoiled rotten little beast.)

Photo 1 was taken must minutes after it was done. Notice Petootnia using it right away, she's our explorer, aka Brave Kitty.

Photo 2 is the hubby showing Porkchop and Hammy the kitty door. Celie is in the garage - on the opposite side of the door.

Photo 3 is Mr. MoonCat "reasoning" with Miss Celie. (Notice Porkchop's rapt attention - on the toy)

Photo 4 is the view from the garage side.

Photo 5 says it all. Celie became extremely bored with the entire episode and went to sleep.

This is my life............................

(Princess P/Celie has conceded. After a few nights spent in the unheated garage, she decided to give in and use the kitty door. What a mean mommy huh?")


  1. I don't know what to say! Maybe nothing is good enough! I'm sure no one was hurt in the making of this montage!;>}

  2. I think Hubby's feelings were the only thing hurt when his precious little beast flicked her tail at him & took her nap!

    He was convinced he could teach her to use the door with this method. (Gotta love the big goober..)

  3. This brought on the giggles!

    Happy Winter Solstice!



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