Monday, December 28, 2009

"Tea, Earl Grey, Hot"

Since I'm kicking back right now with a big cup of hot tea in my hand while trying to keep Bugsy from drinking it, I thought I'd mention that I will be doing a review on some teas from Golden Moon Tea next month. I have become quite the tea addict since I found out I can't drink coffee any more. Mom tells me that as a little girl, I drank tea all the time with Gramma and while sitting in her friends' laps. I guess I just got out of the habit until now.

I am so amazed by the humongous variety of teas out there to explore. The list is almost endless. So far, one of my (and Bugsy's) absolute favorites is Earl Grey Tea . I never realized how yummy bergamot smells and tastes.... As Captain Picard always ordered, "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot." (I know, I know, I'm also a closet Trekkie... "Make it so, Number 1!")

While you're waiting to ring in the New Year and for me to get my rear in gear with the details of my taste test, you might like to find out more about the world of tea by "enrolling" in the cool Tea University from Golden Moon Tea. It's not really a school, just a collection of everything you could want to know about teas. I've learned quite a bit such as the proper way to brew your tea and what time of day certain teas are appropriate. Check it out and I'll be back soon with my review.


  1. Like you, I love Earl Gray but love Lady Gray even more. Tea soothes in a way coffee does not; that's odd because, generally, tea has more caffeine than tea.
    So glad you put the OWOH 2010 button on your blog; it alerted me and now it's on my blog as well.

  2. Earl grey has always been one of my favorites.... Yet as of late I have been enjoying some of the flavored ones a bit more... I am usually a nice stout English Breakfast kind of girl with my local honey to taste.... enjoy..

  3. I too love tea. Earl Grey is my favorite and I also like a chai from Tzao. I like your tea reviews and will give them a try!


  4. Another nice, rather unusual tea is Tazo's "Passion". I know its not a loose tea, but the flavor and smell is absolutely fantastic (I believe its primary ingredient is Hibiscus). Give it a try, its delicious.

  5. These all sound like yummy teas too. I'm looking forward to trying all of the different varieties. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I had an orange spice tea this morning. I used to think the smell of coffee was wonderful, but these teas take the cake!

  6. Bergamont...mmmmm! One of my favorites.


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