Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drymate Cat Pads Review

I was recently sent a Litter Box Mat and a Cat Bowl Mat from the nice people at Drymate for review.  I wanted to put the products to the test so I could give you an in-depth, cat herd approved opinion.

First we have the Cat Bowl Mat as demonstrated by PeTOOTnia.  I thought this mat was cute with the little paw prints (especially since it hides the real ones).  With nine cats and two dogs slopping water a bajillion times a day, this mat has really been put through the paces.  One feature they tout about their mats is that they are absorbent and waterproof.  I found this to be very true, even with the probably half-gallon of water the "children" spill every day, it has held up to that claim.  It's also very easy to just wipe clean. 

(I really did plan to take the photo without the critters, but Toot had to be in the pictures.)


The second product we tested is the Litter Box Mat.  I used it a bit differently than they intended, but it really works for me.  My litter boxes are on the other side of this kitty door (shown above with Bugsy peeking in).  I'm using it as a little mat for when they come back in the house from the boxes.  I have found that it really does catch that last little bit of litter that they tend to track in.  I think the different patterns they offer are really cute. 

One of the things that I did with this mat is to put it in the washing machine.  I hung it up to dry and it looked as good as new.  It took a bit to dry as these mats are all VERY ABSORBANT, but it was well worth being able to wash it.  The cats seem to enjoy it.  Celie demonstrates below how she uses it to sit on while keeping Bugsy from coming back inside.

From the website:  The Cat Litter Box Mat controls litter mess. Cats love to walk on this soft fabric. Place with litter box to protect floors and reduce litter tracking. This mat will aid in pulling the kitty litter from their paws. Machine washable and dryable.
♦ Absorbent, Attractive Fabric
♦ Waterproof, Bonded Backing Prevents Leak Thru
♦ Absorbs All Drips
♦ Protects
♦ Easy to Clean with Soap & Water, Simply Hose or Power Wash Off.
♦ Durable & Stain Resistant, Will Last for Years
♦ Lightweight, Easy to Use & Move
♦ Slip Resistant Backing Keeps Mat in Place.
♦ Can be Vacuumed

Drymate offers several styles and sizes of these great absorbant mats. They have one sure to fit everyone's decorating style.


Disclaimer: I received the above mats for review purposes. The opinions expressed here are 100% my own (and the cats'). I was under no obligation to offer a positive review.


  1. These do seem nice. I have one of those that is rubber and has ridges. It works very well but always looks yucky. Better yucky on the mat than yucky through the house, I guess. Fun to try out new stuff, right?

  2. These look cool...I'd love to know how you get to be a product reviewer? Since I graduated college in 2000 at the age of 40, then only got to work 5 years in my field before an on-the-job injury left me disabled...any extras are a plus. I bring a lowly 1K a month...and still have 46K in student loans.
    Please email me at:

    susanscraps AT comcast DOT net

    I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks, Susan


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