Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo Tag Fun - But No Green Poop

Petey and his "boo-boo"

This photo is Pete (or Petey, Hollywood, or Peteypoo). I took this the day after he cut the bridge of his nose while destroying his automatic waterer. Yes, I should add "Destructo-Horse" to his many names. He is one of our family favorites and is also a son of our stallion, Sunday Sailor.

Now we need to play photo tag! I was tagged by The Wizardess Epi who predicted my photo would probably have something green in it.  (You should stop by her blog and check out the adorable hedgehog photos and the great info about them.)

Here are the rules:

Open your first photo file

Scroll to the 10th photo

Post the photo and tell the story behind it

Tag five more people.

My Tagged Are:

Nancy at Lemon Verbena Lady's Herb Garden because she inspires  & encourages the heck out of me

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm because I want to go live with her and Dave

Nancy at The Strawberry Mallard because her nature photography is absolutely gorgeous

Jaz at October Farm because Teddy's antics bring us all joy & the cooking makes us the ones who drool

Sheila at My Empty Nest is Full of Cat Hair because she's a quilting cat-lady & her blog title is the bomb

I could easily keep going, but the game says only 5 so there they are!  Check them out & enjoy..

Thanks Wizardess Epi for tagging me!

BTW... here's the photo of "something green" that she predicted I would have as my #10. (Pete usually has green poop stains on his lovely sorrel & white hide - but I don't think manure is what she was referring to.) 

This "green" photo was actually in the 2nd folder, photo #10! It's one of my herb pots that is starting to show life again after this cold, wet winter.


  1. ooh gorgeous looking horse. love his markings :D

  2. Petey is a cutie -- even with that cut... :)

    Thanks for posting something green, too.

    I was also tagged by the Wizardess Epi, so a post will follow soon.


  3. Thanks for tagging me, Julie and for leading a passionate life! I've been out all day so I'll get my tagees tomorrow! A big hug to you, Mr. Mooncat and animal kingdom!

  4. Petey is gorgeous! And it's nice to see green herbs again - even if it's not in my yard...

  5. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you so much!!!!!Man did you make my day!
    Gee I am stunned......and also stupid a the day i I go to the firt file ever ( Lord help us if it is that one........LOL)
    HELP ME......I am a passenger on a ship of fools here :o)
    Hugs, Nancy and the G-Dog

  6. Petey sends his thanks to all of you for the compliments. He really is a gorgeous boy, but he knows it!

    I've called him "Hollywood" since he was a colt because it seems that as soon as he sees the camera, he poses. Taking good photos of horses is hard, but I don't have a single bad shot of this monster. Very photogenic.

  7. Cutie Petey!

    I really hope my herb pots will show some life soon!


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