Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Postman Rings Again and Again

There are several reasons I bake cookies for my mail(wo)men or the politically correct version:  mail carriers.  Besides taking care of getting my postal-type things off on their merry way from MoonCat Farms - they BRING me stuff!

This past week I received letters from two of my new pen pals from the Pen Pal Project at Indie Fixx.  It's fun to have new friends to swap cards, letters, and goodies with.  I'm enjoying forging these new relationships via the good old USPS.  Speaking of goodies; look what else came from the lovely mail carrier:

How cute is this????

I was a winner in the Halloween Queens Castle Bootique grand opening giveaway at the beginning of the month.  My lovely prize came from Lorraine at PieCaKe PRiMiTiVeS.  Isn't this ornament adorable?  As soon as I'm finished with the sewing/craft/office room (a whole 'nother blog post to come), this little cutie will be hanging up in there, making me smile.  Please be sure to check out Lorraine's art dolls - they are really unique and very creative.
The 2nd lovely postal surprise came to me from our neighbor to the great white north. Look at this beauty:

I have always adored owls

This would be great all on its own, as it is fabulous.  BUT, my prize from the OWOH drawing was inside: 

Smoky Quartz, Blue Sapphire, & Chalcedony

This very lovely prize package came from Anna Lee of Ga'hoole Tree Designs.  I was amazed at how much prettier this is even in person.  I'm looking forward to wearing it this weekend when Hubby & I actually get to go out!  Be sure you go by and check out Anna Lee's gorgeous designs.  She is very talented and has a really nice shop full of pretties.
Thank you so much Lorraine and Anna Lee!  (and lovely mail carrier..)


  1. You lucky Duckie! Nice gifts in the mail!

  2. Beautiful gifts! and KUDOS to you for taking care of your mail carrier...she is most likely a rural letter carrier...I was for 7 years!!

    The cookies are great but the best thing you can do for her, REALLY...is to make sure she knows that if she ever needs a bathroom, she can use yours. SERIOUSLY for a rural carrier that is the best thing any customer can do! But also offering a cool drink when it is very hot out or a hot one when it is very cold out are also awesome!!

    I always took care of my mail carrier and UPS person at Christmas also...though it is a written law that they can not accept gifts...they all ( we all) do/did...and I always used to make an actual Christmas gift basket or tine filled with baked goods and candy, plus either some cash in their card or a gift card to a store I thought they would like...preferably a conveinence store they may pass along their way for lunch or drink.

    and on another note, I signed up for project penpal...saying HOW it will help keep the PO in business but I have not heard anything, is there a step I missed?


    PS...I am GREEN with envy over that owl box and lovely necklace :) LOL

  3. Rue, pretty cool huh?

    Susan, thank you for the information. We used to be great friends with our carrier when we were kids. She was the mother to one of our friends so she always knew she could come on in if she ever needed to.

    We don't have a consistent one here. This seems to be the training route out here as it looks like we have someone new every other week or so.

  4. Hi Julie!
    Better late than never I suppose but I'm finally here to say thank you and check in. I hope everything is fabulous in your world.

    Thank you for writing this tribute. What a classy gesture! It wasn't necessary but I very much appreciate the effort and value your thoughtfulness.

    Your wonderful handwritten Thank You card was not necessary either, but it certainly was a pleasant surprise that warmed my heart! Thank you again :)

    Wishing you all the best,
    ~Anna Lee

  5. Oh, that necklace is gorgeous!!!


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