Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thrift Store Goodies

I am supposed to be down-sizing and getting ready for our own mega yard sale next month.  We have waaaay too much stuff and I've really been doing good - I promise, I really have.  But, I love our little local thrift store.  It benefits the local hospice organization.  This is the same hospice that is helping us care for Mom and also assisted us during Gramma's last days.  They are such a wonderful group of people.  We are very much in awe of and in grateful debt to them.

But, back to my lovely finds.  I just couldn't convince my truck to drive on by the thrift store once we saw they were having a clearance sale, so I let him turn in to the parking lot.  Below are my prizes for allowing this little trip:

I could NOT resist this once I saw the kitty quilt - especially for .50 cents!

I am currently making (attempting) a pinwheel quilt so I had to have this for .25 cents
(The best part was that the address label showed it belonged to an old family friend!)

This is a Mikasa stoneware butter dish for $1.00

Too cute in a pot on the front porch - .50 cents

So there you have my recent thrifty treasures.  While I'm trying to refrain from buying anything right now,  $2.25 total was a pretty good bargain in my "trying to be frugal" world.

Set your clocks forward tonight - daylight savings is here - whooptydooo (insert  sarcastic tone)


  1. You were truly thrifty. :) I know the feeling on the downsizing. I am moving in May, and I'm actually giving away BOOKS. They are my downfall.


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