Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Movies and Comfort Food

So what do you do when you're feeling a bit blue?  Do you exercise, pig out, shop, talk on the phone?  I tend to hole up at home.  If I'm not reading a book, I'll put in a DVD. And of course, pig out..

Last night was no exception.  Mr. MoonCat had to work late and I was puttering around the house by myself with the critters.  So I put in a movie that always cheers me up (and one that the hubby doesn't like to watch).  Donovan's Reef is from 1963.  It stars John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Cesar Romero, and Jack Warden among others.  It is such a departure from John Wayne's cowboy, soldier and swagger roles.  That is probably why it is one of my favorites of his movies. 

Another factor that came into play for me last night was that the movie was filmed in Kauai, Hawaii.  That was one of my Mom's favorite places that she'd ever been.  Several years ago she was able to go over there for about 10 days.  It was one of her fondest memories and favorite trips of her life.

So anyway I ended up eating pizza while watching this great old, nostalgic movie.  Cheered me up immensely!  Comfort food for the soul and belly..

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